Southern Takeover

Block.jpgBelieve it or not, there’s a common denominator between 2Pac, 8Ball and MJG, Young Jeezy, T.I. and P. Diddy—his name is Russell “Block’ Spencer. Before he became known as the mastermind behind Bad Boys’ d-boy collective, Boyz N Da Hood, Block was grinding away in the industry for years, holding down top positions at Suave House and Noontime Records. After Block landed a multimillion-dollar label deal on Warner Bros. for his Block Entertainment imprint, became one-third owner of Sho Nuff Records and was named president of Bad Boy South, it seems that everything is falling perfectly into place. Taking a break from his daily hustle, Block speaks with XXLMAG.COM about the rumors surrounding the future of Boyz N Da Hood, getting Bruce Willis and Big Gee in the studio together and giving Diddy the key to the South. So, listen up, ’cause this boy’s got work and he’s about to get paid!

How’d you get into the music business?
I came into the music game through Tupac. I was really close to his family. ’Pac would take me with him and we would just grind together. I didn’t really take it seriously, like how I do now; it was just my homeboys in the crew. From ’95 to ’96 [I] started dealing with Suave House—8Ball & MJG, Tela, Crime Boss and all them.

Who did Boyz N Da Hood originally consist of?
I wanted an underground group—a real rap group. When I first came with Boyz N Da Hood, it was T.I., Sean Paul from Youngbloodz, Trick Daddy and Jody [Breeze]. This was in 2002. We made like nine records together, but T.I. went to jail, Trick Daddy had issues with his label Slip-N-Slide, and this was when Arista went over to Jive, and Sean Paul was in that mix with the Youngbloodz. So I had to come back down to the South and I had to make some cats. Jeezy was doing his thing in the ’hood. I’ve known Jeezy since he was like 11, 12 years old, so I knew he was official. I knew Duke from the hood through Suave House, through Noontime. Big Gee was signed to me through Block Entertainment and then Jody was signed to me through Sho Nuff. I put these cats together and everybody really repped what they were for.

Once you had that lineup, how did you go about getting them a deal?
By that time, Dr. Dre had heard like three records. I [was] going on the plane about to go to Dr. Dre to sign the group when Puff called me. Kim [Porter] heard the same three records and gave them to Puff, and Puff called me like, “Yo, let’s do this deal.” I’m on the runway about to go meet Dre, so he says, “When you land, a plane will be waiting on you to fly from LA to New York.” So while I was flying out there, I was thinking about all the possibilities of really taking Boyz N Da Hood to sign with Dre. Dre a hell of a producer, a hell of a guy, but Dre had 50 Cent, he had Eminem, he had the whole G-Unit crew. But you know what? Boyz N Da Hood need to be special. So Puff was just coming off doing the play, and he hadn’t done the music game for a couple of years. So I’m like, Okay cool, this could be his baby. This could be some shit he would go over budget for.

block2.jpgNow that Jeezy has left, what’s going to happen to the group?
When I first started Boyz N Da Hood, it was about the movement of taking cats without deals, and bringing them deals. Jeezy, he double platinum right now. Jeezy hot now so he coming and bringing us up, so I can continue to help. Rick Ross is in the group—he’s always been a part of my movement, he was one of my first artists. Lil Wayne is still a part of it. Wayne’s on 15 records already, the album’s done. But I’m getting calls—Paul Wall wanna be a part of it, Slim Thug wanna be a part of it, I talked to Beanie Sigel about it. What I might do next is an album called One Nation, Remember how ’Pac was gonna do an album with the best rappers from the East Side and the best rappers from the West Side? That’s what I may do with Boyz N Da Hood on this album because people want to be a part of the movement.

Why wasn’t Yung Joc put in BNDH?
Everybody asking that. Joc is an artist that I want to take from the hood and give him to the masses. With Boyz N Da Hood it’s strictly for the streets. They don’t have no crossover records, ’cause when you come with a street group like Boyz N Da Hood and you cross them over, then you ain’t real. You know how that go.

We hear Big Gee is coming out with a solo record. What’s going on with that?
Do not sleep on Big Gee, trust me. Big Gee is the new Scarface. He’s a new Down South bully. His album Live from the 13th Floor gonna come out after Boyz N Da Hood, so fourth quarter or first quarter [2007] on Block Entertainment/Bad Boy. I’m in the process of getting Bruce Willis to narrate the whole album. He a good friend of me and Puff’s. Oh man, it’s gonna be dope. Big Gee a beast man. Puff did a deal with him before my label deal.

With Bad Boy’s lack of sales lately, it seems like Puff needs you for Bad Boy South more than you need him.
He playing his cards right, and I can’t knock that. And I ain’t gonna lie—I’ma be real—he didn’t have a key to the South. Puff [was] trying to get South for the longest—he came with 8Ball & MJG and he thought it was a nutcracker. When he came down here and he got Block, he got a sledgehammer. I’m it, man. It’s Operation Block-down. I’m running the radio down here, man. I’m running the streets. I’m running the clubs. Anytime you come to Atlanta you hear about Block. I gave [Puff] the key. I had a lot of people mad at me ’cause I gave him that key. But it’s all good ’cause dude gave me a couple million to get that key. He paid for that key.

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  • clint jackson B K A $moove

    i’m an independent record label producer and artist that is interested in learning or obtaining info on submitting songs to block ent. as well as bad boy south although this email may not be read by block please help in anyway possible in my efforts thanks and i hope to be hearing from someone pretty soon

  • Chalo

    Im just wondering how that ONE NATION album will be…..Just bring a smile 2 my face.


  • Rome

    Alot of people gonna love that one nation project,but alot of people gonna hate it


    I think that one nation project will be a really kool project becos of the names behind it but it might be a flop just like the firm with nas, foxy brown etc. Big ups to block for doing his thing though.

  • Sdott

    i just want to give you a shout out for what you doing in the souf. cats lke 50 hating on the quality of music coming from the souf. and you just coming harder with BNDH and those other artist, i mean rick ross is hot right. also i glad you said that the purpose of BNDH is to give artist like Jezzy a jumpstart in the. on the real everything he touch is hot. keep reppin’ da durty!

  • http://source one

    i said it before and i’ll say it again fuck the south yall suck.the boyz in the hood
    come on them niggas cant rap.none of them have anything inteligent to say
    whats so different between them and any other artist from the south?it’s all a bunch of garbage.i fuck’n hate music right’s trash all u southern ass
    bama niggas need to step aside and let the real niggas in the city rep the music the right way.fuck the dirty south i live in the grimey city and i just cant relate to that country shit.
    cali love

  • Rich

    ^ Live in the grimey city with an internet connection? Nice one.
    Southern rap IS ruining hip-hop, but everybody’s too busy polishing their new teeth to notice. If Dre doesn’t make a complete shambles of ‘Detox’, California is coming home – XXL is a magazine of very heavy influence, it should start focusing on proper artists with their hearts still set on their hard-knock-lives, not their necklaces.

  • Devin

    Everytime I read other readers responses, I find a hater. One, you’s a hater big time. I’m from the Chi and I know good music when I hear it. The south is doing they thang right now. BUT…but I must say they are getting weaker with DFL and Bubba Sparxxx on the radio. But that’s about it. And before I live… T.I. THA KING, JEZZY THE REALEST, 8BALL & MJG THE ILLEST.



  • C-Note Records (Bill)

    That bitch ass nigg@ -1 is not from Cali do not let him I mean HER fool yall that is another bitch that hates Cali and do not want to here good music. Me I am from Oakland Cali and we play all music from Common to TI to Jim Jones we have our on Bay Area movement(HYPHY). We been out the loop for a long time but when records stop feeding us we just had to plant things (ever heard of purple). We are going to eat. Much love from Nothern Cali to the PLANET I LUV G.O.O.D MUCSIC.

  • batz

    Man both yall niggas is haters(one and rich) “evrybody too busy polishing they teeth” what yall need to understand is the south aint just grillz and rims even though that may be a influence its alot more then that(,TI,Z-ro,Killer Mike, Lil Wayne etc,) and One why you talking did you even hear the BNDH album? evrynigga in tha group ill especially Big Gee

  • IKI

    One what the fuck are you talkin’ ’bout the South is wack you gotta listen to Ludas albums, Waynes albums & Jeezys album then your gonna change your opinion. I gotta admit most of the South ain’t got skill but Luda, Wanye, Jeezy & Stat got mad skills.

  • bluerid

    i need help from president bush im hurting like hell inhere i dont know what else to do this sucks.

  • http://YAHOO 1 K.I.N.G W.A.T.R


  • Rich

    The problem with Southern rap is everybody compares the artists from said genre to current rap acts. You think BNDH is even a shadow on Ice Cube and Kurupt? To even bring Tupac Shakur’s name into the equation would be underestimating you all.
    I can’t wait for the day when people look back on this era in hip-hop and say “I’m glad I was never into any of that crap, it’s embarrassing!”.

  • E-man South c

    Word to XXL and the south, ya niggaz is growing ‘both of ya’ll’ coz look at the rap game now eeiibadyz talking about the south,when it comes to Hip- hop magazines eiibadyz focusing on XXL;Then we gat niggaz hating on the new nigga on the southern block.What i gasta say to ya niggaz is Big Up,fuck em haters,get de money and do ye thing brothers. XXL mag and ya whole staff gatta know that Im ya biggest fan,one day ill be one of the illest Rapper so be ready to Publish ma name in Big bold letters.

  • Rich

    ^ Or not.

  • cee1024

    ya’ll niggas talkin about the south ain’t got no rappers I bet you them up north niggas aint harders then them down south killas all yall niggas albums are wack and dont sell down here like KRS-one papoose juelz santana camron yall niggas get gangsta first before talkin shit about the south I bet you jeezy them can whip any of best rappers and a battles about real shit we dont rap punchline nigga!!!!

  • Blood Hound aka Slum Lord

    Damn every blog I go on niggaz are bashing the south.

    Grow the fuck up you don’t see south niggaz bashing yall shit.

    The south is on top now deal with it, or deal with yourselfs.

    *hands south haters “Kool aid”* drink away people, drink away!

  • DCritical1

    you side line niggaz need to pump the brakes a lil bit. the real do what they want, haters get on blogs and talk about it. on tha real, i’m from tha star in the south(H). i grew up w/ these niggaz. now if you feel you can make your area stand up . FUCK… DO THAT SHIT! if not, shut the fuck up and go back to the end of the bench. XXL/BLOCK ENT. stay up….

  • that nigga

    yo let me get this off my chest.The whole south is not country, theres big cities down here so get it right.

  • bloodraw

    Fuck one and that bitch ass nigg@ rich i bet you weak ass fuck boyz would not even step a foot in the south. Hey one if you ever come to the south better yet come to Birmingham,Al I will make your weak ass suck my pitbulls dick faggy motherfucker. p.s. red flag in the air

  • rellmo84

    Dam!!!!!! u north niggaz kill me. Yall some str8up cry babies.We killin yall niggaz u know y.cuz we got individuality. If yall stop suckin jay-z dick all day and do yall own thing yall wud b poppin.My real niggaz from the south will feel me i wud put andre 3000 against anybody dont let the clothes fool u that nigga got substance and he can bust.It aint all candy paint and grillz niggaz can rap down here fuck boys.QUIT FUCKIN WHINING LIL BITCHES!!!!! shout out 2 blood raw im from the A but i went 2 parker 4 a minute b’ham! A town

  • Trouble Maker

    @ one and rich

    did y’all post just to see replies?
    what is sad is that your only ammo is D4L and DFB. if you from the west rich…lets look back to ’93 when bangin’, hydralics, and killing a nigga on every track was all west coast rap was about…oh yeah and weed. and one has nothing to say but call names…you know why??? cause the east has not been on since snoop kick down the buildings….LMFAO…

  • Trouble Maker

    “Jealousy is a woman trait”

  • Southern_Drama

    LMAO. Damn, everybody is on the South’s dick HARD. Did we hate when the EAST had the game on lock, did we hate when the WEST had it…NO. That’s you niggas problem, too much beef and not enough promotion and pushing them units. We’re self made millionares out here! Hate it or love it. And it also helps that the SOUTH stole that OSCAR! LMAO! Mark that one in your history books, because N.Y. may have started Hip-Hop but if them niggas don’t put that beef shit down, we are going to END IT.

  • BASSic UK

    Damn i’m from the UK & to get an outside look on all this is BULLSHIT! I think the south has produced some of the best (and worst) music yet! But these haters only hate on the commercial stuff cos these guys r told 2 chat bout the rims n paint n grillz. But at the end of the day this makes the south STRONGER look at 2006 lineup man! we got luv 4 the souf here in UK cos we got a scene thats movin like dirty south shit called Grime (Dizzie Rascal/Kano/Lethal Bizzle etc) and these boys r collabin wif the souf to make things twice as big. DJ semtex/Lil Jon mixtapes Crunk & Grime cos they sound alike so Big Up to the Yanks We love u all



  • leo

    FUCK ONE AND RICH! that’s to start it off. the south sucks? lil wayne would rip anyone in cali. hes the best rapper alive since da best rapper retired. n thats da truth. south has da game in the palm of there hands. ya’ll just mad cuz da west hasnt been doin shit since death row. get over it.

  • Tha KING

    First of all FUCK them bitch ass niggas @ whatever the fuck his name is and his lil bitch ass friend. Yall niggas sound so fucking stupid right now, somebody needs to smack some sense into yall’s dumb ass the SOUTH is on top now we got T.I, Jeezy, Lil Wayne,Luda, Outkast a LOT more yall just jealous cause we on top. Fuck yall haters, keep drinking that haterade and I’ll be chilling DOWN SOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blackman

    Stop all the hating if you hot your hot if your not your not. The East Coast, West Coast, South, Midwest all have artist that go multiplatium. They also all have wack artist from each region.

  • Brandan Miles

    Take one listen to the emerging storm from the only state in the south with south in its name–South Carolina and his name is PIAZO. He is the best that ever did it, no respect to Tupac or Biggie but they can’t hold a candle to this nigga, remeber you heard it here first!!!!!!!!!!


    ATTENTION!!!….All haters of the NEW SOUTH…FUCK YOU!!!Everybody got a problem with the south on top…no problems from the south when it was other coasts turn at bat…now it’s our turn, it a problem…FUCK YOU, to all the nay-sayers…the south will continue to rise…A_TOWN..down!!!

  • miso

    the west is on SNOOP’s back and his 30+ , ready to retire ass.cube had to come out of retirement cause there ain’t shit out there.GAME is getting a cheque from 50 from for faking that beef, you all know 50′s ’bout that paper.

    the east has been sleeping for years, brothers theres need VH1 specials to keep intertained cause G-unit is the only shit thats shifting units.

    Big up to the south,cats down there remind me of 40waters,Too $hort (self made millionaires, without the majors).

    PS:i ain’t never even been to the states, i’m from SOUTH AFRICA muthafuckers.

  • Yo Daddy

    The world is full of copycats they cant beat us, so they wanna be like us. They can’t make us so they try to own us. If they cant f##k like us they get pills to enhance themselves.

  • Lil’ Tea

    I’m an artist interested in submitting some of my music to block entertainment and I was wondering how I would do that.


    Let me school all you ignorant nickaz out there. All the money and work you get up north comes str8 thru the south. All the caribbean shit, all the mexican shit, all the colombian shit, all of it. The only thing they got up north are designer drugs which also get their base products from the south. Listen, the south has been runnin shit from years. Most you nickaz have neva left your raggedy-ass block and think the world begins and ends there. Take a Greyhound somewhere, first and then talk. Let’s not mention DJ Screw, Outkast, SCARFACE!!!, 3-6 mafia, UGK, DOC of NWA (from Dallas, Dino for you southern nickaz), Masta P (Don’t hate cuz he’s paid out the ass). Let me put it to you this way. Don’t go to Houston (any of the wards), Dino/FW (Oak Cliff or anywhere for that matter), ATL, Miami, Denver, Bama, New Orleans, even New Mexico eses will touch that ass. In the south, EVERYBODY HAS GUNZ EVEN THE WHITE-PEOPLE!! I’m tellin you, the action starts here and trickles up north. Hell, all your ancenstors fuckin started in the south, not new york you homos. So you got south in your blood and you don’t even know it. What makes boppaz shake they ass? The south! From all sides. Honestly, I love all the coasts and I am a child of hip-hop. Hell, DJ Premier is from TEXAS! The illest east-coast producer ever! Get a clue you ass-holes. Show love for your people. White-people are actually the people who buy the most hip-hop anywayz. So go and make some mutha-fuckin money! Black money over oppression, fools! All the new nickas in the game are just tryin to earn a check to make their lives better like everyone else, so even if you don’t like their music keep your mouth shut and show support for your people. I guarantee I do and I always will show my people support and I suggest you do the same, dummies. Cuz we gonna make money regardless.

  • ssssshhhhhhhhiiiiiish

    Good interview…Block is getting BIG

  • Supreme Truth ALLAH

    Is this dummy actually coming here promoting this so called north south beef. north south beach is a fucking trick, a trap like the ones southern rappers slang their business from. how you gonna tell me promoting that shit is reality rap towards a righteous cause? that shit aint no dead prez, even they said the black man is God. they had my nigga, the God MANTAIN spitting on the end of that track. so now i just let them kill themselves? let you drink cough syrup that cuts 20 years from your life span and can cause near brand new liver cells took like like a nigga thats been drinking his whole life. fuck being proud about how much drugs your people move? aint your peoples just like mines? tell them we dont need that shit so stop being prouf of it, that shit is holding us back. why do they wanna keep our people illieterate? so we would be blind, might as well not be able to not see if you cant read. fuck promting that igorant fuck school shit. when since has negativaty been popular. fuck the south fuck the north – this shit is all one land mass and we all one people, fuck where you live. if you live in mecca sometimes u gotta goto medina and vice versa, then you see that we are all alike. black man here goes thru struggle in britain too, in brasil too, in africa too



  • pelle muzik

    diddy is buying all wit cash,fuck that bad boy sound on south?doesnt sound good to me!hell no!

  • Southside Alchemist

    Let me be real. I know Big Gee. He aint no joke. He’s the “REAL ATL PLAYER, ZONE 3″ believe it. The movement is coming whether you like it or not. This is the raw…This is the real…ZONE 3 OUT! EDGEHANG!

  • Peachfuzz Bing

    Block is doing big things and he is right about Big Gee DON’T SLEEP! He was easily my favorite member in the group and I can’t wait for his album.

  • B-More Fam

    Shit that trip me out the most is ppl here be riddin South dick and dont be promoting our own shit. South-West-Midwest be standing by their rappers. We cant get that shit up here. We need to be more like yall down fo real though.

  • Rammy

    Southern rap fuckin sucks. Its all the same shit and the lyrics are fuckin boring as hell. Souther rap is just a beat that people can listen to at a party. And my advice for this dude is to sign with Dre and make somethin of himself.

  • Southside Alchemist

    Gee already has a solo deal with BAD BOY South, album coming “Live from the 13th Floor”and he got some underground stuff with FACE MOB (Scarface)…keep your ears to street….The movement has began…..

  • TIP

    Jazzy Pha Need 2 Focus on Jody N Put His Album Out Rite Nex 2 the Nex BNDH Album



  • Quita P

    ONE,Rich,&Rammy miss me wit that hatin on the south shit.I mean what every niggain the south rap about idown here is how they mutherfuckin live believe that shit!Them eastcoast niggas(few execptions)rappin bout’ how hard and gangsta they is when they aint neva lived the shit and aint gon ever live the damn shit .I mean it must be in the eastcoast bloodline to hate on other coast shit when they doin it big.B-more fam u trill as hell my nigga i like u.Really the south,west and Mid-west fixin to run this shit while the east suffer Bitches!i mean they support each other but the east constantly hates DAMN!Y’all can’t fuckin stick 2gether so how the fuck is y’all gon’ fuckin hang wit the south or any other coast ya dig!Real talk the south must be the shit cuz it seem we the only thing y’all mutherfuckers talk about!Shit everything hip-hop now a days the south is majority!Videomodels,club bangers,trends,slang,dances we run it!Weezy,jeezy,T.i.,outkast,Ugk,Youngbloodz,boyzndahood,slimthug,fieldmobb,B.G,every fucking southern rapper doin it!I’m Out of GA,Yeah a GeorgiaPeach and i repp Ga and the whole dirrty south til’i motherfucking die!

  • kiss my ass

    nigga fuck the south…do them niggas even speak english? fuck outta here nigga im in the hood all day…lil wayne that nigga gay as hell, calling himself bird man junior , what is he bird mans dick, talking bout junior. He a grown ass man…how many times did he have to suck bird mans dick to get that new grill….all in the fireman video wit no shirt like a gay stripper…nigga as soon as his name came on the tv i turned that shit off and through it out the window nigga….and t.i. over hear dressing preppy and shit, skinny ass nigga need to do a push up cause that extra small shirt looking mad lose, i mean who he fighting in the hood, ill shove dat nigga in a locker….jeezy only snow this nigga know about is on a powdered donut…fat ass nigga….after he eat that nigga say yeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh real slow fag ass retard …who let this retard on a track…

  • shelly

    First, I want to say that I am impressed with Block and everything he is doing to keep southern rappers prevalent and making money. The only problem I have is his reason for not signing with Dre. No one ever says Jimmy Iovine or Tommy Motola or any other white record company owners(where the real money is made) have too many stars on their rosters, but he couldn’t sign with Dre because he had too many stars on his team. I like Diddy’s entreprenurial spirit, but he has had bad luck in music. Has anyone noticed that he has not had great success with any artists since biggie died? Boyzndahood had a hit, but never came out with another video. I don’t know how he markets his artists, but he waits until all the buzz surrounding an artist is gone before he even puts out a second video. That’s probably why Jeezy didn’t sign with him. And Block passes up on working with the greatest producer in hip-hop to work with Diddy so he can talk all over a song, take credit for something he did not create, and of course, make the most money off the deal.
    *On a side note: some of you just like to comment, because the article had nothing to do with east, west, north, or southern rap. It was about what this man is doing to help himself and others to the riches the music business can offer. Maybe some of you can learn from him and get some money; maybe then you wouldn’t be so bitter and mad. Be happy that another black man is making his mark and making money in the process. One day it could be you. Some of you need to pray more or at least let go of the hate.

  • Gutta

    i heard of dude for a minute but i didnt know he came in wit pac but im not feelin the whole BNTH thing cuz they forcin it too much, too busy tryin to be NWA,them dudes new each other and wit time became stars, u cant but already stars in a group, it never works(the firm,jay-z&r.kelly,westside connection) but big ups to block i can respect his hustle

  • masterkey

    This should be the boys in the hood

    Lil Wayne (N.O.)
    T.I. (A.T.L.)
    Rick Ross (M.I.A.)
    Young Buck (T.E.N.)

    That shit would be a classic album

    If you really want boys in the hood this is the group

    Lil Wayne

  • florida boy


  • Southside Alchemist

    Big Gee and Duke just did a song with Cube-yeah ICE CUBE home and its FIE . THE MOVEMENT-if you aint with it stay in your lane! 30316

  • http://I Little Rock boi


  • Down Bottom

    Y’all East Coast Niggaz don’t want no beef wit da south. We hold our own we don’t need nobody backing us. Da East Coast might get help from da Midwest and West 2 try and talk down on us, but it ain’t gona work. 4 tha record fuck 50 cent talking bout the south lowering the grade of music everyone listens 2. Dat boy think he got beef wit niggaz from New York, he gona get bodied up down here

  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia tn

    Fuck one and all yall other bitches hatin on the south. Hell why you think diddy and every body else following the movement hell I dont see him signing any body from the west coast or new york. and hell he live in Ny. yall bitches just mad cause the south is hot. We got the rap game on lock and bitches we aint given it back no time soon.

  • Menphyel

    I”m glad to see live from the 13th floor still coming out. they need to do a video for “I don’t lean with it” just making fun of all the snapping shit in the video it would be fun. That’s the album i”m waiting on.

  • PJeezy

    Dirty South Won’t Stop Bitches

  • dcgot420

    this is crazy, How can you bang on a blogg?? Idiots If you can’t pull a stack out of you pocket then get back on ya grind. Don’t hate on niggas threw bloggs go to one of their shows or if ya know their whereabouts go tell them that shit….

  • Bangin In Little Rock

    The South Iz Comin Hard


    yall niggaz iz a mess fosho!fuck the south niggaz and wat muthufuckus!!!yall bitches iz wack as heell rap about the same shit over and over again!!talkin bout they got iced out rides this and that !1yall niggaz got no skills muthufuckus!! and thats real! N.Y.C. AND CALI got the real rappers!!hahaha,niggaz rappin bout laffy taffy,chicken noodle soup,hahaha,the fuck is that??!!!u sayin we hatin on the lame south?were just sayin the real shit bout u niggaz !!and for that punkass bitch,south aint hard,yall niggaz gettin punked in the a.t.l. by some mexican gangs from L.A.,HAHAHA,SURX3 fuckin u niggaz up in the ‘A’!!oh yeah,muthufuck the south and i’m from the WEST COAST NIGGAZ just in case yall one of u punkass niggas asked me where im from.FUCK THE SOUTH!!WEST SIDE NIGGAZ!!!!

  • Down South Stunna

    FUCK DA WESTCOAST…I forgot all about you Niggaz Till Game came out

  • jersey

    man fuck the south they aint got lyrics only a few do but that will never compare to wut jayz nas eminem biggie dmx ….and so on has done hiphop died and the south is just eatin the remains but luda is hot i dont wanna sound ignorent but i apprciate real lyricist not fake rappers that snap their fingers and mindlessly move their body or ride imaginary bikes in their videos like young jocks fagget ass but jeezy n lil waynes cool

  • Stax On Deck

    Fuck JERSEY!


    2nd that FUCK JERSEY