In this business, we hold our tongues often. Shit, I don't write too much here because my words hurt. Running this magazine is my daily operation, so I gotta be careful with what I can or can't say. The streets have no conscience however. And neither does the rap industry. People in it gossip like little school girls at a sleepover.

Below are 11 things that rap fans and industry scum agree on but are afraid to admit. Go to a barbershop, ride a subway train, hang out a record label for more than a hour or two, and prove me wrong. What y'all chumps need a disclaimer? It's the views of the consensus and not necessarily YN's. Still you close-minded hypocrites will probably point the finger of blame at me anyway. Oh well: There's a reason this shit is called It Is What It Is.

11 Things Hip-Hop Heads Feel But Are Afraid To Admit

-Jay-Z was foul for the way he handled his split with Dame Dash.
-2Pac is not the greatest rapper of all time.
-Through the years, DJ Premier has fallen off.
-Funkmaster Flex was never a great DJ.
-Lupe Fiasco is overrated.
-We only dig The Roots as a back-up band.
-All posthumous rap albums suck.
-We really can't defend the misogyny, violence and ignorance in our music. Sorry Oprah.
-We only respect the idea of artistic longevity.
-None of these new generation New York rappers are gonna bring the Big Apple back.
-Broke or not, Suge Knight stills scares the shit out of us