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  • jacobsin

    1st! I don’t know why you dudes can’t resist… Way to steal st8 ballin’ beat brilliant and if that’s not enough, they bite the chorus from Eazy E. Sad Scarface has to save this one… Is nothing sacred? Better left alone has never been more applicable, ouch!

    • siccapone

      wow dude dont know his music. this was originally done by bootsy collins – munchies for your love 1978 tupac sampled this beat for straight ballin and eazy sampled the hook from bootsy too, so how can someone steal somethin from someone that was already sampled?? niggas kill me with there lack of knowelege!!! fuckin idiots

  • http://xxl D- Gotti

    This shot fire son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://N/A cdub

    This shit is amazing i will b bumpin in my car when i go somwhere!!!


    Damn…i luv when somebody samples a bootsy cut


    this was on “loyalty” by the way

  • 11kap

    This is hot! This is already a classic with that Bootsy sample from the 70s. Word. We need more of this in our lives again…..good sounding emcees with tight samples.

  • juan carlos aka l.o.s

    shit is bangin but is shit aint new!!!!!but anyway still it sound hot
    where is the new york shit.i trippin about that south side shit.

  • Supreme_Being

    JOey Crack Flowz is incredible…..Scarface is jus that flava undefined but tasty

  • ThaRefriedMexican

    Another Alchemist banger. JACOBSIN you dumbshit its called sampling. Oh and this sample was originally done by the legendary Bootsy Collins. Not Eazy-E. So if Fat Joe is “biting”. What about Eazy? I know you wouldn’t dare call the Eazy a biter?

  • sibusiso kana

    thise one is hoooot i like it a lote. any way did any one hered 100bars by the game the funeral, he put 50cent and the hoole ggg-unit pigs in rest may there soul rest in peace like they did whith ja-rule

  • Atl’s own

    dis shit is strait fie!!!

    JOE would have sold mo albums if he made this his single and video!

    Scarface strait killed it!!!

  • bobthedude

    why was this on nobodys cd? shit is fire!


    why does baby rap period this ole ass nigga should retire and just get money from wayne


    Damn alc killin da track, an crack really comin hard but I feel the ist cat with how they jack all the classics…Otherwise they flop…Rappers lackin creativity, but i feel crack on his grind so I”m a bump this joint cause he brought face outta retirement and baby that shit had to cost some real feed the strarvin kids in Louisiana africa cake

  • screwstonian

    you younglings need to catch up on your music game. 1st, the beat sampled is “telephone bill” by bootsy collins. 2nd, the hook sample is “i’d rather be with you” by bootsy collins. go look them up and learn the history of music before you talk about aomething you don’t know about. brad jordan killed it, but this verse is from another 1 of his songs, it doesn’t come to mind the name of it, but he used that verse before. h-town 4 life.

  • Columbus, OH SouthFieldG

    Sorry Hip-Hop just died >> RIp Eazy-E and TupaC

  • Twizzy

    Man RIP Tupac Eazy E Westside till i die Northside till i die good rap and sorry guys hip-hop anit dead cause me and Jayzo brigin it back BBC4life Bling Brotha Crew: Twizzy, Jayzo and DjX

  • yung ceasa

    aint alchlemist wit gunit or g-uflop then y he makin beats for fat joe

  • face……

    song was recorded bk in 02 in atl at patchwerkz. joe was the only one on it when i got it, i respect pac so much i borrowed his flow, as far as me killin it thats ones opinion i jus rhyme i love the love i get from yall…. made will b out in october late still recording… btw chk out never ps that aint my my space page… hunid……………face……….