Last week on VH1’s Marrying The Game, Tiffney and Game took a stab at resolving their rocky relationship, but alas, things were expectedly left uncertain. Nevertheless, on this week’s episode, Tiffney decides to do something special for her man and asks Cali and Justice what each would like to do for their dad on Father’s Day. Justice admits he’d like to take Game to a bouncy house, while Tiffney opts to take Cali to a photographer to gift Game some portraits of his baby girl. At the photoshoot, Justice tells Tiffney that he wants his parents to live under the same roof again, forcing Tiffney to consider finding a way to bring the boy’s wishes to fruition.

Meanwhile, Game surprises his oldest son, Harlem, by bringing some of his NBA buddies—James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas—to his basketball team’s practice to teach him and his teammates a lesson on humility. The basketball stars then went head-to-head with the kids, and didn’t go easy on them per request of the Game. “These kids think they’re already in the NBA,” he says. After demolishing the poor young’ns, Game, who played basketball in college, sat Harlem down to give him a heart-to-heart. “I brought my NBA friends out here not to beat on you but to teach you a lesson,” he said before emphasizing the importance of practice.

Later on, Justice and Cali surprise Game at the indoor children’s party place, Pump It Up, where all of Game's friends came out with their kids to bounce around and have a good time. Game seemed to be enjoying himself, until Tiffney decided to kill his vibe. After getting a little too rough with Justice for Tiffney’s taste, she pulls Game to the side to nag him about it, causing him to lose his cool. “You’re fucking up my mood,” he tells her. But underneath their little squabble, Game recognizes a larger issue. “This is about something much bigger. This fight is about us. Every time we have issues, she can’t just move past it and be cool, so now my Father’s Day is really going to be spent arguing with Tiff and not spending time with my kids,” he says.

After the fight, Tiffney realizes that she and Game need to bring an end to the bickering and she decides to pay Game a visit to talk it out. “If this relationship is ever going to be something more, something has to change,” she says. Sitting at the kitchen counter, Tiffney tells Game she’s tired of fighting. “I don’t know where we lost it,” Game tells her. “All I know is we were supposed to be married and we ain’t... that’s weak as fuck.” Tiffney says she called the wedding off because she thought she would see a change in him. “Maybe you want something that doesn’t exist,” Game says. ”Or maybe I want something that you can’t offer me,” Tiff counters.

Finally, Game reaches his breaking point. “You’re a liar... you don’t do nothing for me,” he says. The rest of the argument turns into pointless back and forth, where the two fight like two high school sweethearts. When Tiff asks Game what her engagement ring means to him, he tells her that he gave her the ring because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but that she doesn’t appreciate it.

Fed up with talking, Tiff takes off her engagement and tells Game that he should hold onto it until they can get back to that special place. “When you gave me this ring I accepted it as a symbol of your love for me. I have done everything I can to make this relationship work,” she says. Game, visibly disturbed by Tiff’s rash decision, tries to bring back peace. “I instantly get tears in my eyes because I want nothing but the best for my children and my family... I would die trying.” Tiff, unfazed by his plea, gives Game a hug and walks out of the house with the engagement ring still on the kitchen counter, leaving Game in disbelief. “What are we doing, man?” he says after she leaves.

Just when it seemed like Tiff and Game would finally recover, they crash and burn yet again. Stay tuned to see if the once-happy couple will ever walk down that aisle.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)