XXL’s Game Corner: DJ Rhude Goes Hands On With ‘Madden 25′


Infinity Engine 2.0:It’s subtle but you’ll see the tweaks they’ve made in the engine, there’s not as much post play goofiness (ie: players falling over each other like) and while I did still see some occasions of it happening it wasn’t as frequent and keep in mind that it was an older build.

Player Celebrations: Much better this year as they show the entire celebration instead of just showing a portion of it. I got the opportunity to see Victors Cruz’ end zone salsa dance in it’s fully glory, dope.

Defense: I’m going to hold off on final judgment on this until I get the retail copy in my hands and have time to put it through some rigorous game play. But I will say my initial impression is that the defensive back play was improved. The corners played the wide receivers tighter in man and more smartly in their zones. Also noticed there seemed to be fewer occurrences of dropped interceptions.

Ball Hawk Feature: This was a sore point for some in Madden 13, as they complained it was just too strong of a cpu-assisted aid (cheat) on defense. Just hold down that Ball Hawk button and watch the cornerback magically position itself for the interception. I would be among that crowd who felt the Ball Hawk feature made bum thumbs with minimal user skills look like Deion Sanders on the field. Creative Director Mike Young specifically asked me how about I felt this feature in 13 and after giving my opinion on it, assured me that the feature been toned down in M 25. Instead of being able to just hold down the button and let the computer do the work, you will need to have timing to be successful in making the pick or swat. Even better you can turn this feature off, an option that wasn’t available in 13.

Be sure to check back here next month where XXL will have more details about Madden 25 including an extensive review. – DJ Rhude

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