Birdman continues to keep the business ventures pouring and this time he's launching his first ever iPhone and iPad app. The new app, Shorty Cuts by Birdman, puts the power of time in consumers hands so that they can find a quick, easy and effective shortcut when texting, typing and utilizing social media.

The official app of the YMCMB family features a custom keyboard that allows users to program their keyboards with buttons representing their most commonly used words, phrases and shared info, cutting down the time it takes to text and type. Instead of having to type each letter out manually, the user can press a single custom button. The app allows for the use of the traditional Apple keyboard including icons and emojis, as well as the ability upload to Twitter and Facebook while in the app; users also never have to navigate away from the page or switch apps.

Here's what the Cash Money capo had to say about the new tool, “As the owner of multiple global businesses, my time is valuable. Over the years I have witnessed the growing demand for technology products and realized that an app that allows you to save time while typing was needed, he says. "Time is money and with Shorty Cuts by Birdman, you will be platinum!."

Shorty Cuts by Birdman is available for $1.99 and can be downloaded at the iTunes App Store as well as, the official website. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod. For more information, please visit here.