Little Giants 8

The rise of streetwear culture has evolved from a small movement in New York City to a worldwide phenomenon that has captured the attention of the fashion world. Since gaining popularity, the streetwear culture has had an influence on the runways of high-end fashion shows and even baby and toddler apparel.

In unique fashion, streetwear brands have learned to incorporate their aesthetics into baby garments and create a buzz among young parents of America. From onesies to baby t-shirts and pacifiers, streetwear brands are beginning to pay attention to the youth of America and give young parents alternative options for their babies.

With that said, XXL rounded up some of the best items for babies and toddlers that are currently available for purchase on the internet. Check out those 11 items above.

Little Giants 1

DiaperSet Onesie - $20

Little Giants 4

Little Doom Tee - $20-$25

Little Giants 9

DiaperSet Onesie - $20

Little Giants 2

Playpen Onesie - $20

Little Giants 6

Supreemie Hoodie - $40

Little Giants 5

Little Dunns Onesie - $20

Little Giants 7

ABCLife Onesie - $20

Little Giants 8 copy

Born Trill Pacifier - $6

Little Giants 10

Supreemie Onesie - $20

Little Giants 3

Little Giants Paisley Onesie - $20

Little Giants 11

Born Trill Black Onesie - $20