Happy Socks has partnered up with West Coast legend, Snoop Dogg for a special campaign called, "The Art of Inspiration." The collaboration will be unveiled worldwide on November 1, 2014, and will focus on pushing artistic creativity.

In anticipation for the collab, Snoop Dogg and Happy Socks have released a teaser video which illustrates Snoop's passion for different creative mediums, and why painting is an essential component to his progression as an artist.

“For many years, I’ve always wanted to paint, and I’ve been exploring the craft behind the scenes. I find that painting allows me to explore certain emotions I’ve never been able to express through my music or acting,” said Snoop Dogg. “The collaboration with Happy Socks is so natural, because they saw what I was doing and provided me with another platform to further display my artistic abilities.”

More details will be provided on this collab as they develop, for now check out the video below, and visit the Happy Socks website for further information.