Skateboarding and hip hop have become the perfect combination. While most rappers are concerned about the bling around their necks and four coats on their backs, the artist associated with that skate life are more concerned about the simpler things in life, the next Supreme hat, Trasher Shirt, Vans sneakers or the next deck they want to buy so they can ride out. The skating lifestyle has always paralleled with hip hop and became mainstream thanks to rappers who represented the skating culture like Pharrell Williams and Lupe Fiasco. From there we started to Lil Wayne shift over to the skating life, and now we have newer acts like Odd Future whip do nothing but skate and the rep the lifestyle through their garments. Many artists can dress like a skater and represent the lifestyle, but here are 9 artists that have represented or still represent the skateboard life.

Lil Wayne

Pharrell Willliams

Lupe Fiasco kicked and push into the scene in 2006 with Spitfire shirt and SB Dunks. As Lupe developed into the artist he is now, we still remember him for his days on a skateboard, and his unlimited collection of Nike SB's.

Lupe Fiasco

New York up-and-comer, Black Dave is a gifted skateboarder that represents his love for the action sport through his music and mixtape covers, as well as his style.

Black Dave

Earl Sweatshirt is another Odd Future member that represents very well the sneaker community not through his skills on the board, but also his Trasher shirts, Supreme hats, and buckets.

Earl Sweatshirt

From the moment the world discovered Tyler The Creator on his gruesome video "Yonkers" we knew the young boss was all about skating because of his Supreme box hats and Vans Old Skool sneakers. Now that the world knows Tyler, the man stays representing the skating world with his skills on the deck and his style.

Tyler The Creator

Murs is known to be seen a skateboard deck every now and then. The West Coast rapper has a love for skateboarders with his love for Vans, SB graphic tees and his board.


Joey Badass began his career on skateboard with his debut mixtape 1999. Rocking Nike Blazers and slim jeans and graphic tees the rap world became familiar with the kid from Brooklyn.

Joey Badass


Lil Wayne