NBA players are known for their style of play on the court, but ever since the superstar point guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook broke out those bright red leather pants and nerd glasses, the world has become intriguied with the fashion style of todays NBA players. Since the days of Walt "Clyde" Frazier, basketball players have always shown off their unique style of sense and love for fashion. In fact , the former New York Knick was the first NBA player to ever appear on fashion magazines in the 70's. Today, almost all top tier players in the NBA are featured on the pages of GQ and Esquire for their swagger being on a thousand off the court. With all the money NBA players make nowadays it's easy for them to buy expensive designer wear and throw it together to make an outfit, but it takes that daring individual, a player with a sense of style, to make fashion work in there favor. With that being said, here are 8 of the most stylish NBA players.


The debate of "Who's best? Michael Jordan or LeBron James" will live forever. But when it comes to who's the best dresser, it's hands down King LeBron James.


Tony Parker brings the International flavor to this list, with his casual but highly expensive taste of clothes. You can catch the French man in everything from Moncler t-shirts to dapper Gucci suits.


Fashion wise Carmelo has come a long way since his early days in Denver when he rocked the baggy jeans and braids. The New York Knicks superstar can now be seen suited up in dope two-piece sets, swagger out fedoras , and limited edition watches - only made for Melo.


You never know what to expect from Russell Westbrook when it comes to his fashion sense. He's known for crossing the boundaries when it comes to fashion and at times he may add a little to much swag to his look, but you have to give the man his props for the brave attempt to pull off the look.


Amar'e style could be a hit a miss at times. Like Russell, the NYK crosses the boundaries with his style for a big man. But the way he wins in the fashion department is with his traditional blazer and different pant look.


D Wade is definitely not afraid of expressing himself when it comes to his apparel. The Heat superstar can be comfortably seen with loafers, knee high pants and a fresh blazer.


Chris Paul aka Cliff Paul is considered one of the best-dressed in the NBA because of his edgy, but very clean suits. The point guard was even featured on GQ as one of the most stylish players in the NBA.


Unfortunately for Derrick Rose these last two seasons we've seen him sit on the bench for the most part with different tailored suits and two-pieces as he watches his Chicago Bulls compete for a home court advantage spot in the playoffs. The Chicago native can truly put together outfits with no problem.