We've seen some awful trends in hip-hop throughout the years. From the backward clothes to the mens jeggings popular styles come and go, but some fashion trends are still hard to believe that they ever existed. Whether you were a part of these trends or not, we take a look back at some of the most outrageous and worst trends to ever catch on in hip-hop.


The Infamous tall tees were widely popular in the hood during the mid 2000's. From Foot Locker to the local corner store, the tees were flying out the shelves. However after a few years of everyone looking the same and Andre 3000 calling out the hood for wearing t-shirts that look like night gowns. Thank God the trend is now gone.


Kanye West made the shutter shades popular after his "Stronger" video. It suddenly became a trend in hip-hop and mainstream America and the shades were quickly produced in various colors and models. The trend faded away as quickly as it came.


Rhinestones on belts or any type of garment should only be worn by Jim Jones or your girls best friend. The trend that the Capo started in hip-hop was cool, but once you start seeing a dude wearing a decked out rhinestone shirt, with the rhinestone belt and rhinestone jeans, than you know the trend has come to an end.


The wooden neckless came out of nowhere in the year 2010. Those so called "Ballers" were living the life stunning with their wooden Jesus piece, but we all know at the end of the day when they would take off their neckless' their necks would be full of splinters. Sometimes in order to stunt you gotta endure the pain that comes with it.


Mr. West made another trend widely popular when he wore a leather kilt while touring with Jay Z on the Watch The Throne Tour. Not even a week into Ye wearing the kilt, several followers of Yeezus started wearing skirts with no shame. Unfortunately the trend is still hard to accept in the manly world of hip-hop.


The oversized denim patch wave had to be one of the worst looks ever. Widely popular with groups and boy bands the denim on denim look only lived in the world of fashion for about 2 years.