Baseball season is back in full effect, which means it's time for fans to start pulling out their favorite team jerseys out of their closets. Whether it's a vintage or more recent jersey, baseball shirts have become elite and timeless in the world of fashion, but in the MLB the uniforms have become an essential part of the franchises' histories. During the throwback era, the baseball jersey along with the basketball jersey were the two highest-selling items of the mid-2000s. Today, the baseball uniform remains big with fans of the sport, while the Yankee jersey is still one of the highest-grossing sport items in history. And since the baseball season has officially started, we look back at our favorite baseball uniforms of all time.


The New York Yankees have one of the most symbolic uniforms in sports history. The signature pinstripes have been in existence since 1936, and it looks like they will remain forever on the Yankee uniform.


The St. Louis Cardinals "Victory Blue" uniform was introduced in 1976. The uniform became one of the brightest garments to be seen in the MLB.


The Los Angeles Dodgers continue to use the same uniform model as they did when they debuted in 1958 after moving from Brooklyn to L.A.


The Houston Astros introduced this uniform in 1975 after moving into the Astrodome. No longer sporting the the bright orange and yellow striped uniforms like the 1970s, the uniform became the must-have item during the 2000s throwback era.


The San Diego Padres made a statement on the field in 1984 with their brown/yellow jerseys and white pants. They were the first team to wear dark colored uniforms in MLB.


The Milwaukee Brewers introduced this uniform to fans in 1982 along with their powder blue jerseys. The pinstripe home jerseys became the favorites around the league that year.


The Oakland A's began wearing their bright yellow uniforms with green trimming in 1972 and won three World Series with the bold colors. This uniform has become historic in the Athletics franchise and was reintroduced by the A's a few years ago as their vintage night uniforms.


The pinstripes on the Chicago Cubs uniform is as symbolic as the New York Yankee one. The uniform maintains the clean and cut look designed in the 1940s.


This uniform is a rarity if found today, but in the 1980s the Montreal Expos introduced this predominately white clean uniform with the symbolic logo that represents the city of Canada.


The New York Mets always maintained for the post part of their history the same uniform, but in 1986 before their championship, the Mets made slight changes to the uniform by adding stripes to it along with "New York" in the front of the jersey.


The Boston Red Sox 1990 uniform has become the favorite of all time in Boston history and ran for a few years until 2007. The uniform was reintroduced to the public again this season.


Inspired by the Astros' 1972 uniform, this Chicago White Sox set was designed by one of their fans in 1982, when the White Sox's management held a contest for all fans to create the franchise's uniform that year.