Last week during his stay in NYC we caught up with former Bad Boy signee King Los at Quad Studios for his listening session of his brand new mixtape, Zero Gravity 2. The Baltimore rapper played some heat for all those in attendance and after his hectic promo day took some time off to speak with us about his fashion and trends in hip-hop.

What do you think has been the worst fashion trend in hip-hop thus far?
Trends are always horrible. The actual thing that is significant at the time might not be. When Kanye did the whole Roman Kilt thing that was dope because it was Ye. His personality allowed his fashion sense, and his daring characteristics embraced that—you could still see it on Ye even if you questioned it. Then it went to a trend, and that's when it got crazy.

Give me three name brands that you find yourself wearing a lot.
King Life Clothing, which is mine and you need to go and check out. I like Zara. I think they dope, and they figured it out. And I love the Jordan brand, from their sneakers to the athletic apparel.

What's your favorite Jordan of all time?
My favorite Jordans are probably my Gamma 12s just because they look so good on the foot.

What rapper did you look up to when it came to his fashion sense?
Definitely Nas. He always had the fresh Pelles with the fresh fade, shape up and half moon. We was running around as youngsters trying to mimic that, fresh Avirex's and all that. Nas was always a swagged out dude even when he just broke it down to the fatigues and buckets.

You can now download King Los's brand new mixtape, Zero Gravity 2, HERE.