It's a big day for YG today as his debut album, My Krazy Life, hits stores nationwide. The 24-year-old rapper has also become a person to follow in fashion just by being who he is and wearing comfortable clothing. Not much into those flashy outfits nowadays, YG is more of a white tee and Chucks type of guy, but keeps it very West Coast when he wears other garments. Sure he's covered in tats from head to toe, and that may be what sticks to most people when they think about YG, but he's proven to have a signature style when it comes to apparel and living an insane life. In honor of his Def Jam studio debut album, here are 10 items you need to live a Krazy Life, or at least look the part.


YG keeps it gangsta and straight West Coast with his array of flannels. Reminiscent of the early '90s in Compton, the Young Gangsta pays homage by going vintage with his plaid shirts.


YG is a proud of where he's from, and nothing epitomizes that more than his signature Bompton snapback, which he wears religiously.


Chuck Taylors are the epitome of footwear in the West Coast, and just like the hip-hop pioneers who made the Chuck Taylor popular, YG continues the tradition by rocking the Chucks at all times.


For YG the white tee is a staple in his everyday clothing. Known as the "hood uniform," the white tee is an all-time favorite in any hood and definitely a quick throw-on when you trying to rush out your house.


Every G has to have the dope belt with the flashy belt buckle, and YG is most certainly aware of this. He's been seen in videos wearing Versace and Gucci belts, but for the most part we see the young rapper wearing the Fendi belt the majority of times.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.19.25 AM

Uncle Snoop made hockey jerseys popular in the early '90s, and YG looks to continue the trend of the jersey. Just check out the visual to "Left, Right" where YG rocks multiple jerseys that represent the West.


If you don't know by now 4 Hunnid plays an integral part in YG's career. Not only is the movement strong, but they are even capitalizing off merchandise. You can catch YG with his 4 Hunnid beanie representing for the crew at all times.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 11.54.48 PM

YG is probably one of the few rappers nowadays who will do an interview in a wife beater or shoot his next pocking video in one. I mean, the guy's album cover has him in a plain tank top, so it's definitely a must-have in the Krazy Life of YG.


For YG the Dickies have been an essential part of his growing up in Cali, and following the tradition of the OG pants, the rapper is known for cutting his Dickie pants into shorts or wearing them full-length. It wouldn't be a Cali thing if YG didn't wear the Dickies.


We all know leather is in at the moment, and YG is definitely part of the trend. Known for his more simple style, YG adds flavor to his style by rocking the leather t-shirt jersey in either black or red.