What To Wear To A Job Interview

Job interviews are something we all have to go through at some point. Sitting at home playing Xbox and binging on Netflix isn’t going to get you that dream job you wish for every night before you go to bed, or any job for that matter. Get some confidence about yourself, work up a little motivation and go out and chase that job you want with some drive. Do some research on companies you would like to work for (or intern for) and start curating your resume with key words and skills that target those job descriptions. But don’t dress your resume up and forget to dress yourself up. This list contains some of the essentials you’ll need to not only look good once you land that interview, but to stand out and be remembered. Believe it or not, a great pair of shoes paired with a smile, a handshake and a confident posture can land you the job.

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  • nice-smile
    A Nice Welcoming Smile
  • notebook
    Pocket Notebook (Take notes during the interview, it helps you remember and looks professional)
  • tailored-suit
    A Nice Tailored Suit (Fit is everything, especially with a suit)
  • Tie-Bar
    A Tie Bar (For a touch of 'Mad Men')
  • Preppy-Tie
    A Preppy Tie (Paired with a simple white shirt and nice navy suit giving you a preppy but professional look)
  • Knitted-Silk-Tie
    A Knitted Silk Tie
  • Pocket-Square
    A Pocket Square (Accenting your tie and socks a pocket square is sure to impress anyone)
  • crisp-collar
    A Crisp Collar (Inset these into the corner of your collars for a strong collar look)
  • briefcase
    A Briefcase (Carry extra resumes and any other portfolio work you need)
  • A-nice-belt
    A Nice Belt (Simple solid color)
  • nice-matching-shoes
    Nice Matching Shoes (Brown belt, brown shoes; black belt, black shoes)
  • Nice-simple-cufflnks
    A Simple Cufflink (Your shirt should always be slightly longer than your jacket leaving room for cufflink accessories for an upscale look)
  • cardholder
    A Card Holder (For the exchanging of business cards)
  • nicewatch
    A Nice Watch (Go for a simple and classic timepiece)

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  • mattlaueeeeeer

    1.Who is on XXL for job interview advice 2. A notebook at an interview is pretty absurd 3. Cuff link, tie bar etc.. come on thats like for a formal dance not a job interview

  • Real talk

    Dude I’m a manager and I gotta hire people. Trust me you showing up with with a nice shirt ain’t good enough. Get yourself a suit, notebook wouldn’t hurt, and research your position. People always bitch about no jobs available but nobody wants to give an effort.

  • Real Talk Talk

    it says tailored suit..just saying

  • Ben Simms

    Please post way more stuff like this. Trust me when I say it’s good. I posted this.