Lo-Lifes Celebrate 25 Years At Lo Goose On The Deuce 2014

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Photography By: Steven Lau (@slphotographies)

This past Saturday, Times Square held court to the Lo-Lifes’ 5th Annual “Lo Goose on the Deuce.” Founded and hosted by the Polo Godfather, Rack-Lo, the event also celebrated the Lo-Lifes’ 25th Anniversary. A movement born in Brooklyn in the late ’80s characterized by boosting Polo threads, has fathered a culture that has surpassed U.S. borders with international chapters across the globe. Even members from Canada and Japan flew in to join their comrades in commemorating the quarter-century milestone. With over 100 heads in attendance, the evening culminated into a friendly battle for the dopest piece of Lo. Congrats to Psyche for “Best Goose,” and the homie Nuf-Lo for taking home the coveted “Best Dressed Head to Toe,” donning a crispy white Polo Jeans Co. astronaut suit complete with a custom helmet!

Also check out the recap video by Internetz blog-God Dallas Penn.

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