The Walking Dead had its mid-season finale titled “Too Far Gone,” where fans witnessed Rick and The Governor go head-to-head against each other. This was a doozy of an episode and was filled with huge moments. XXL hopped on the phone with Pharoahe Monch and he gave his thoughts on the episode. Today Jean Grae chimed in to give her reaction to the death of Herschel, The Governor, Megan, and what's next. —Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)

XXLWhat was your reaction when Hershel died?
Jean Grae: As soon as The Governor took the sword out, I kept turning away. When Hershel smiled the "proud dad" smile at Rick's speech, I thought "He's done for." It was The Governor pulling back the sword that made me hold my breath. I knew he was doing that for more power behind a decapitation swing. What I DIDN'T expect was that he wouldn't take his head clear off. What an asshole. Just let him bleed out? Oh, okay no... you're going to go savagely chop away at his head, behind a truck. That was horrible. Hershel was such a great character. Scott Wilson is a legend.

Thoughts on the fight scene?
It was fantastic. The entirety of it, from all perspectives. Carol's "kids" and even the bus driving away. Everyone's aggression, sadness, weaknesses, strengths came into full play. The character development on the show has been so strong that even with a single punch, a single bullet, or Daryl's arrows (where does he keep getting unlimited arrows?!?!), there is so much of a story behind it. Rick and The Governor was just hate. Just brute force, testosterone EVERYTHING. Also, they didn't use stunt doubles for them. They were going for it. Intense.

Happy or sad that the Governor is dead?
It's always good to see a super villain die. Really DIE. Not: someone injures him badly and then he recovers and ALWAYS comes back to start more shit. Nope. Lilly shot him right in the face and finished that off. Everyone who needed to got their "fuck him up" on. I love a great arch nemesis, but I would love the possibility of a new one. It can't always be Batman and the Joker.

Megan died, how happy are you?
Fuck Megan. I don't think she was written to be very endearing anyway though. I don't think anyone felt terrible about it. Also though, Lilly... slow. SLOW. Bitey McLake floated away. Keep an eye on your daughter. Stupid.

Do you think Rick's daughter is dead?
Nope. I think the kids took her. They're scrappy, those kids. They might could have a musical in the works. Scrappy orphans always get musicals. But, nah. I don't think Judith is dead. That would have been too much. Now, would I have killed Judith off? Yes. That is why I do not work on The Walking Dead staff. [laughs]

What's next?
Everyone spread out on their own. That's pretty exciting. I'm waiting to see who bumps into Carol. Glen and Maggie are separated. Everyone on the bus is still sick as hell. All new smaller groups. Great things to look forward to.

Where does this episode rank in best of all time?
Top 5 undead or alive.

Final thoughts on the show overall?
It's just brilliantly done. The acting is great. They cast perfectly every time. Their writers and directors and really, the entire crew is superb. Without the right people behind it, they could have made Kirkman's work cheesy. Or just approached it all wrong. It's a roller coaster all the time. So excited for February.