America’s number-one comedy, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, earned $32 million in its first weekend, and rightfully so—it’s the funniest shit on the planet. The film follows producer and actor Johnny Knoxville, who dresses up in an old man suit to play 87-year-old Irving Zisman, and his pseudo grandson, Billy. With hidden cameras, Irving and Billy embark on a hilarious road trip across the country, where they encounter real-life people who have no idea that they’re getting the prank of their lives.

Unlike Jackass’ previous original movies, Bad Grandpa has an actual theme that, while totally absurd, is so ridiculously funny that it’s hard to even contain yourself amid the laughter. XXL gives you three reasons why the movie is hands-down the funniest movie ever—without giving away too much, of course.


The Grandson - Though the film’s title is Bad Grandpa, the real star of the film is actually the grandson, played by Jackson Nicoll. Billy’s cherubic looks and charisma manages to gain a lot of trust from the people in the film, who have no idea what’s going on. In one scene, Billy is looking for his grandpa, who didn’t return home after going to a stripper’s bar. He goes to nearby sex shop, where he asks the employee if she got her very risque top from “Tramps-R-Us.” The woman is more so amused than she is offended. Kids can get away with anything. Then there’s the scene where Billy enters a beauty pageant while disguised as a girl. It probably gets the award for funniest scene in comedy history. What’s most impressive about the young actor is that he doesn’t back down. In scenarios where most kids would be nervous, Nicoll is fearless.

The Dead Body - Throughout the film, Mr. Zisman travels with his wife’s dead body in the trunk so that he can bury her in the South. Two guys who were hired to do a moving job, were shocked to find out that the real reason they were called to the house was to help the old man move his wife’s dead corpse in his trunk. Mr. Zisman asks them to pray with him, in which he thanks the Lord for the two men who helped him commit a crime. The men quickly rush back to their truck to flee the scene. Irving Zisman even takes the body into a hotel room, where one bystander looks like he entered the Twilight Zone.

Penis Stuck in the Soda Machine - This pretty self-explanatory. After Zisman learns of his wife’s death, he decides to get a little pleasure by sticking his penis inside the hole of soda machine. The only problem is that it gets stuck.

In nutshell, the movie is hysterical. Watch it. You’ll thank us later.—Gerren Keith Gaynor

XXL Rating: XL