Last night, on episode 7 of The Walking Dead titled "Dead Weight," fans witnessed the psychotic side of The Governor in all its glory. With this season proving to be as entertaining as ever, XXL hopped on the phone with Pharoahe Monch and Jean Grae, two huge fans of the series, for an extended discussion about this episode, The Governor and how we figured out who raided the camp. —Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)

XXL: The Governor is back.
Pharoahe Monch: Yeah, he’s back, don’t call it a comeback. I said it last week. I didn’t trust him. I knew they were setting us up but nonetheless he’s back and he’s The Governor again.

Jean Grae: I didn’t trust him, [but] I understand him more. I actually kind of like him. I think he’s a complete fucking psychopath but sometimes I find that attractive in a man.

XXL: It's a "No Dead Weight” type of community. Will that be effective in the long run?
Monch: It's ironic. My thing is that I don’t want to jump to the end of the show, 'cause I know you're saving that. My thing is if they kill Michonne I’m going to be very pissed off. That’s all that I have to say. They ended the episode with him aiming the gun at her. I’m like, they can’t kill her off of the show.

Grae: I don’t think that happens. But I absolutely agree with the no dead weight concept of running a community. I really pick my friends based on who will be dead weight or who will be the weak link in a zombie apocalypse and if you are that weak link then you put everyone else in danger. So I absolutely agree. And it may seem a little bit harsh, but to protect everybody else, yeah I think that’s fine. I thought it was absolutely the right concept to have. I don’t think he meant it in a bad way. Carl is a kid, he’s there but he’s still not dead weight.

Monch: Just to add to this, Jean Grae kicked me out of her zombie apocalypse group. She said I was dead weight and I’m an asthmatic. [Laughs]

Grae: We kept you because you're a great driver. But now we have another really good driver. So until you actually have some other skills I cant let you back in the team.

Monch: So in a zombie apocalypse movie, in reality, I'm currently on my own in the forrest. [Laughs]

Grae: You've got to learn new skills. It's healthy for his own life; I want him to learn some new skills and for Pharoahe to come back [to the team].

XXL: Did y'all hate Pete as much as I did? I really hated him.
Grae: I hated Pete. Naw, just get the fuck out of here. But I didn’t necessarily want The Governor to have to bring The Governor back out himself. And he didn’t even want to do it, he was so upset. He so upset that he had to do that. He was like, I don’t want this, I don’t want to have to be this person, but in order to take out everybody else it had to had to happen. And fuck Pete, he’s terrible.

XXL: I didn’t think he was going to turn so quick, it happened in the blink of an eye.
Monch: With a 9-iron! [Laughs] I was hoping that the transformation back to the evil Governor would take a couple episodes. All it took was one line and a 9-iron.

Grae: He fucking snapped. Possibly the best thing was not to take him to play some golf because it's very relaxing and you get in your thoughts. Don't do that. And I was enjoying Martinez, he was a good guy, trying his best. So apparently the governor does not enjoy golfing because it makes him think too much. And that was a bad choice.

XXL: And Martinez saved him!
Monch: He golfed his head into a hole of zombies.

Grae: For a second there I though he was going to drag him over there and Suge Knight him for a sec and I was like, "Oh, OK." But he didn’t, he was like no, this is how you're going to die. And it was so mean. I liked Martinez.

Monch: It was a terrible way to fuck up your high. He went from drinks to playing golf to being wasted and being dragged into a zombie hole. That’s a perfect way to sober up. [Laughs]

Grae: He got sober halfway through the dragging. Him being able to be vulnerable and weak for a second, maybe that was part of it. It was kind of like The Governor saying, “Fuck, you can’t lead these people. I don’t want to do this, but who the fuck is going to keep my new adopted family safe?" Which is also weird because its not really your family, so stop being psycho.

XXL: The picnic scene was crazy.
Grae: No, that was a great scene because it was a very quick edit. It flashed to The Governor real fast and he was like, "Yo, what the fuck, didn’t I just keep you safe this whole time you asshole?" So maybe that played a part in it too.

Monch: The laundry zombie, behind the sheets, when the little girl was playing. This random ass stray zombie.

Grae: Which was weird because he was kind of kicking it. And maybe because laundry smells good, and he was like, "I'm a zombie but nobody thinks about my needs maybe I just want to remember laundry right now. I remember when I used to do laundry and I want to go say hi to these people but I don’t know how. So I ‘m just going to stay here for a little bit." Then he saw the little girl and snap. That was bad, I felt bad for him.