On the latest episode of BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood, Chris Rock makes a guest appearance to let it be known that he is still the most famous Black comedian alive. “Everything Kevin Hart has done, I’ve done it before,” he points out.

Kev brings out fellow comedians Anthony Anderson, JB Smoove and Chris Spencer to support his assistant, Oliver, who aspires to be a comedian. “It kills me how people always want to disrespect our art,” Kevin says. “It’s the only profession other people feel they can do. You don’t see people walking into an operating room and say, ‘Hey Doc, I’mma kill.”

Suddenly, Chris Rock appears and Oliver nearly loses. “You’re my hero. You’re the blueprint,” Oliver says. “I’m the blackprint,” Rock snaps back. Kevin sabotages Oliver’s stand-up set so that he can relinquish his dreams of becoming the next great Black comedian, and instead, continue to be his assistant. “My plan worked. Oliver is going to be my assistant until he’s 80,” Kev says.

Later on over lunch, Chris Rock proposes that he and Kevin Hart go on a world tour. “Kev you’ve been begging to go on the road for years. Now that you’re finally funny, we should do it,” he says. Though Kevin insists that he’s funnier, Chris isn’t phased. “I’m actually famous...you’re more Black famous. I hosted the Oscars,” he says. When Kevin offers to pay the tab to prove how much of a big shot he is, Chris walks off and goes inside a clothing store where he tries on an expensive leather jacket and walks out with it. When Kevin accuses Chris of stealing, Rock clarifies: “When you reach my level it’s not stealing, it’s called endorsing. You’re just not on this level yet.”

Kevin then decides to invite the fellas (except Chris Rock) out for lunch at Sunset Plaza. Instead of taking care of the bill, Kevin runs out on the tab like Chris had done, only for Kev it turns out bad. “Kevin is about to be more embarrassed than he was when he was a the Soul Plane premiere...you know he’s the only person who was there,” Anthony Anderson says. After everyone chases after Kevin, Chris Rock pops up again. “I’m doing [Late Night With Conan O’Brien]...that’s a white man show. Why don’t you say what’s up to Tom Joyner for me,” Rock jokes. Suddenly, Rock stops a guy in a BMW and says, “Stop! Chris Rock, I need your car,” and drives off.

Feeling like he has something to prove, Kevin then tries to stop an Escalade...and gets run over, which ends up being filmed by the fellas. Everyone yells, “Worldstar!” as they continue to film Kevin on the ground. A waiter from the restaurant then pops up and asks Kevin if he can move his hand and get his wallet out to pay his bill. Meanwhile, Rock talks about the world tour on Conan O’Brien. “You’re the first White person I met who even knew who Kevin was,” Rock says, to which Conan admits he had to Google who Kevin was. “You went on Black Google,” Rock jokes.

Turns out the joke was actually written by Kevin’s assistant, Oliver. “He endorsed my joke!” Oliver says while watching the interview with Kevin in the hospital. “I have to write this material for the Big Rock, Little Hart tour. I’ll throw you bone, don’t worry,” Oliver says. --Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)