Yesterday (November 19) Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar invaded the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York for a spectacular show. Kendrick Lamar opened the show and was fantastic. With a live band backing him, the Compton native ran through his hits, showcasing impressive stage presence for a 45 minute set. But today was a special day for Kanye West.

After premiering his music video for “Bound 2” on the daytime television show Ellen, Kanye made his way to Brooklyn as the next stop on his Yeezuz Tour. The Barclays Center was electric, eclectic, and alive. It was clear that the Louis Vuitton don, intended to take the crowd on a musical journey with him, and the theatrics were not spared. On the triangular shaped staged, stood a fully erected cliff where Kanye’s troupe of ballerina shaped dancers accompanied him throughout the show. Mr. West greeted the crowd and did not disappoint with the fashion. Wearing a jewelry embedded mask, the show opened with "New Slaves." The crowd came alive rapping word for word conveying the emotion in every lyric of the socially conscious, message themed song. The Yeezus show had begun. Kanye had brought Broadway to Barclays. The screens above spelled out words like “Failure” accompanied with their definitions according to the Yeezus philosophy. While the Yeezus album was front and center, Mr. West reminded us why he’s one of the greatest to ever do it by performing past hits. "Power" sent the crowd in a frenzy as he belted out the 2010 anthem. Never one to shy away from emotional expression, Kanye brought the Barclays Center to a whisper with “Coldest Winter,” telling the crowd the song was inspired due to the death of his mother. “Im on tv talking like it's just you and me.” these words seemed to be truer than ever, replacing tv with a stage, and snowflakes falling from the ceiling. The stage transformed right before our eyes and there stood an ever rising cliff, similar to that of Simba being held to the sky in The Lion King. Kanye hung off the cliff, singing the emotionally charged song. The show had reached a “dark” period. The crowd continued to hang on to every word, trying to decide how they felt about the creativity that was taking place before them. Standing somewhere between “freaked out” and amazed, the crowd watched as a wolf like red eyed monster stood erily in the background as he performed. It was clear that Mr. West was unafraid to take creative chances, the mood in the Barclays was unlike any I had ever experinced at a concert. The genius before us, was scary and amazing. The climax of the show came as a “white Jesus” joined Kanye on stage. The crowd loudly cheered and applauded as the rapper finally revealed his face as Jesus stood before him. The show’s cinematic theme continued as he took time out to speak to the crowd. The Kanye “rant” was inspiring as he told the crowd to put their hands up if they believed they could do anything

After taking the crowd to church, the performance moved into Act 3. The mask was officially gone, the rapper continued the show with the mega hit “All Of The Lights.” Sending fireworks and fire, up and further, illuminating the arena. The energy had once again shifted, and spirits were high. Kanye showed appreciation for his fans, through words and gesture as he hopped offstage to interact with high fives and side conversations. He then addressed everyone by urging the audience to stay free. "Good Life" kept the energy going as the pyrotechnics and lighting guys earned their paychecks. The show ended with the ceremonial introduction of the band and DJ. But not without performing the newly videoed single “Bound 2.” The show ended with the message that this song carries. Grab somebody to love—Adonnis Garvin