They say behind every great man is a great woman, but behind every rapper is an even stronger woman, who has to put up with the hiccups that come along with the music industry. For Chrissy Lampkin, the fiancé of Jim Jones, that could not be any further from true. Her relationship with the Harlem rapper spans a lot of years and tears. Who can forget when a frustrated Chrissy proposed to Jimmy when he wouldn’t step up to the plate and pop the question himself?

It goes without saying that Chrissy isn’t your typical ride-or-die chick; she takes matters into her own hands and always speaks her mind. As shown on her and Jim’s reality show, Chrissy & Mr. Jones, Chrissy is the backbone of their relationship, which has stood the test of time. Now, they’re business partners, running their clothing company, Vampire Life, and raising Jim’s son, Pudie. XXL got a chance to chat with Chrissy about her relationship with Jim, the show and the status of her relationship with Jim’s mom, Nancy aka Mama Jones.

In what ways do you think Jim has changed in your relationship?
I think Jim has become more mature and more comfortable with the fact that it’s OK to grow up. I think he looks forward to doing things differently now, and I think he’s a happier person for it.

In what ways do you think you’ve changed?
I’ve become more patient and more relaxed.

On the show we get to see Jim interact with his son, Pudie. How is it watching him in his element as a father?
It’s dynamite to see. It makes me love him even more.

Your relationship with Mama Jones has made a complete 180-degree change over the years. What do you think was the turning point for you two?
I really don’t know exactly what it was. I would like to think it’s because she understood that her son loves me and that’s where he wanted to be, and that she didn’t really have a legitimate reason not to like me. Why cause the rift when you have no reason other than personal reasons? I think she realized that it’s really not worth it. If I had did something to her than fine, but my attitude towards her was more reactionary. And to let you know, it wasn’t always like that with us, so not only was I unhappy with it, I was hurt and shocked that it got so bad and went so far.

What do you think about Mama Jones’ sex book?
I haven’t read it. I stay away from it. I don’t want my fiancé's mother giving me sex tips, it’s so crazy [laughs].

On a previous episode of Chrissy & Mr. Jones, you got very emotional during a chat with hip-hop manager Debra Antney (Wacka Flocka, Gucci Mane, etc.) about your struggle to step up and start your own business ventures. Was it hard showing that kind of vulnerability and what was stopping you?
It was definitely hard. I was like here we go again, Chrissy’s crying again. I’m a very emotional person and it’s hard to hide that, or stop it. What I think has kept me back is that I’ve always been a support system for other people. I don’t mind doing that, but when you do that for so long you forget how to get it started for yourself. There’s always that fear of can I do this for myself? Who’s going to be there to support me? People who are that strong are usually the leader of the pack. They don’t have time to go in and help other people. I’ve come across people recently who are just as strong and focused as I am and take the time out to help me if I need it. So I’m in a much better place.

Other than you and Jim’s clothing, The Vampire Life, what can people expect from Chrissy as far as business ventures?
Don’t expect anything from Chrissy, just sit back and watch it unfold. Don’t put any expectations on me. Just let me rock.

What can we expect from the remainder of the season of Chrissy & Mr. Jones?
You’ll see me and him raising that little boy the best we can, and getting to the business and still finding time for one another. We’re moving forward. It’s not without hiccups, but we’re moving forward together. —Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)