This week’s episode was all about Jim Jones’ family business. After agreeing to give Chrissy full control of the Lady Vamp clothing line, Jim watched as Chrissy step up to the plate, while Mama Jones finds a new hustle of her own. Even Jim’s son, Pudie, is in on the action. With a little help from Dame Dash and Ice-T, the Jones work toward to building their family empire.


Chrissy’s World - It appears that after her pep talk with Debbie Antney, Chrissy is a new woman and his ready to take charge. Chrissy meets with Jim to inform him on how serious she is in taking over the Lady Vamp clothing line, but adds that she wants to make it a lifestyle brand. Though Jim being Jim gives Chrissy a hard time for the fun of it, he entrusts her to run the show. Dame Dash, who appears to be partner in Jim’s Vamp brand, helps assist Chrissy in bringing her ideas into fruition. After coming up with new designs in the work room, Chrissy puts on a rather successful launch party.

The Mama Jones Show - As if publishing a book wasn’t enough, Mama Jones comes up with yet another hustle: a talk show called, “Chat’n with Mama.” Mama Jones invites her friend Sassy to be her co-host for a show she wants to shoot in her home, which she decks out with beach props (sand and all) in her living room. For her first episode, Mama Jones enlists her friend, rapper Ice-T, who sits in a beach lawn chair in Mama’s living room to talk about his career and new business ventures.

Pudie, The Hustler - Since Jim decided to have Pudie come up with the designs for the Vamp Life kids line, the 10-year-old has been working hard at becoming a young mogul. Pudie asks Mama Jones for some help, but when she tells him she wants her cut of the profit, he only offers her 10 percent. Additionally, Pudie offers Jim 10 percent, but Poppa Jones let it be known that he gets 50 percent of everything. Still, you can’t help but respect the hustle.—Gerren Keith Gaynor (@MRGERRENALIST)