XXL Sits Down With Pink Dolphin Creative Director & Co-Founder Cena Barhaghi


XXL: Where did the Pink Dolphin journey beginning?
Cena B: My friend Young L and I started the line when I was 17 in high school. It started as a hobby and we would release small collections every season that were kept to limited numbers mainly because we didn’t have the money to fund bigger production runs. The clothes would always sell out since we didn’t have much stock and since then we have always released certain limited runs of clothing to keep from saturation. Neima Khaila, one of my childhood friends came on a few years later to help with logistics, marketing and brand expansion. We now have a staff of over 20 people, 2 Flagship stores (San Francisco store is opening in mid October) and the best supporters out there.

XXL: Where is your creative space?
Cena B: Our creative space is located in Los Angeles, CA. We have our distribution warehouse, sales department and customer service all connected, as well, which helps us centralize everything and have excellent communication between departments.

XXL: Three words to describe your craft?
Cena B: Legendary, rare, positive.

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