XXL Sits Down With The Dynamic Duo Behind SOCIETY Original Products

XXL: Where did the SOCIETY Brand journey beginning? 

Marcel: The journey for what ended up becoming Society began in the mid 90s. I was around 16 or 17 yrs old and I was heavy into art and drawing (as I still am today) that was when I started seeing these really cool graffiti character tees popping up here and there.

The more I saw these tees the more I was intrigued because the artwork on them looked just like my drawings. It slowly started dawning on me that I can probably put my drawings on T-shirts and make money too. The brand that inspired me was Eckó Unltd.

A coupe of years later I decided to seriously pursue a career in design and fashion. I made a makeshift plan for myself that involved internships, a little bit of school, paying dues, and paying more dues to get myself into the industry. Lucky for me I followed through with my entire plan.

While attending college for a visual communications degree I started a line of tees under the name “Marcel Angol brand clothing”

I designed a few different graphics for the brand and sold it to a bunch of my friends. That lasted for about a year before I decided to change the name so the brand would appeal to a wider range of people.

I came up with ®SOCIETY (written backwards) for my new brand name when I was looking through one of my black sketch books. I previously drew out the word on the back of one of my characters jackets to emphasize that society was indeed backwards. I am very much into typography also so the layout of the word backwards really stood out to me. Aside from that, I was looking for a name or logo that was different than everything else out there, so I figured a backwards logo was as different as it can get. I designed my first society T-shirt shortly after that.

B: The Society Original Products journey for me began, when I met Marcel around ‘05-’06.  He had already started a brand of his own, we had a lot of similarities and shared a lot of passion for being a part of the industry.



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