GUNS GERMS $TEAL has unveiled their latest collection for Fall / Winter 13. The collection will be exclusively available through a handful of select boutiques in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Tokyo.

This season will mark a significant pivot in the identity of [GG$], boasting designs which adopt a more conceptual perspective. Designers Stevens and Price have redefined the context of performance fabrics and created a collection inspired and challenged by the idea of uniforms:

“We explored everything from military uniforms to astronauts, uniforms of royalty and of sports. Beyond use of the term ‘uniform’ in the traditional sense, we have expanded our interpretation - focusing on how personal ‘style’ over the past century has been used to identify you with a certain division of our culture. With this collection, we have blended elements from all kinds of subcultures and their respective ‘uniforms’ creating a new kind of style that is fluid and layered; a universal uniform in a sense. A uniform for the emerging verge culture of our generation. We don’t believe in definition, definition is what has divided people for the entire course of human history. The only thing our collection defines you as, is confident.”

In conjunction with that theme, Fall/Winter 2013 will also demonstrate [GG$]’s cutting edge reputation for using unconventional and provocative textiles. Specifically, this season’s apparel features the addition of experimental and technologically advanced materials such as 3M reflective tape, neoprene, and sports mesh. The brand will also be showcasing in New York Fashion Week.