Jonathan Mannion an Ohio native arrived to New York City in the early 90s. His focus and mission was to shoot all of the key influential people revolved around the Hip-hop community: "My goal was to photograph all of the up-and-coming rap superstars of the time. No one had ever done it before"

With over 20 plus years in the industry Jonathan Mannion has photographed some of the most iconic artist within the genre. His work has reshaped and defined much of the visual aesthetics that we see today from album cover packaging to videos. The scoop of his contributions to the industries visual maintenance stands alone is clearly unmatched.  For this session, Hennessy explores his archives as they pay tribute and celebrate the art of portrait-taking.

"My work is very intimate. Through my photos, I want people to feel like they are sharing a genuine moment in the lives of the international superstars I shoot". -Jonathan Mannion