Reebok introduces the City Classics collection curated by iconic graffiti writer Stash for Fall/Winter 2013. Stash assembles a dream team of international graffiti writers to design a capsule collection to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Classic Leather silhouette. The 12 artists featured are: Wane (NYC), Eklips (LA), Pose (Chicago), Mad (Philadelphia), Tati (Miami), Totem (Atlanta), DA Flow (Mexico City), Sick Systems (Moscow), Rae Martini (Milan), Rimo (Tokyo), Monster (Paris), and Swifty (London).

"Every city has a story, every story has a picture and that's what each shoe represents." —Stash

Each artist reconfirms the unbreakable bond between sneaker and graffiti culture and offers a powerful dose of aesthetics inspired by the tremendous legacy of City Classics curator, Stash, along with fellow New York City legends, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat who currently have product collaborations with Reebok Classics through their foundations and estates. The City Classics project offers a blank canvas to those who wish to navigate outside of their own creative compass, drawing influence from decades of rich culture in contemporary fashion, art, music and sport through the fusion of its heritage and the relevance of its partnerships and curators.

The new Fall/Winter collection representing Stash and the 12 cities will launch July 1st.