New York Nothing Releases Cam’ron “Glare And Wink” T-Shirt


Cam’ron was the rapper who made it cool to wear the color pink. Back in 2003, Cam dressed up in all pink everything and somehow maintained his Harlem swagger at the same time. To commemorate his former glory days, New York Nothing releases their “Glare And Wink” T-Shirt. It’s a fitting honor to Cam, as he is sporting his pink fur outfit and keeping his ear to his cellphone. For those diehard fans of Dipset, this is a chance to relive a moment of rap history. It runs for $44 USD.

Price: $44 USD

Website: New York Nothing

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  • itchyteeth

    Copied from another comment elsewhere:

    Hi. My name is Kristofferson San Pablo & i’m the original artist/painter behind the Cam’ron painting that is used in this shirt. This company used my artwork without my consent/permission & i’ve been trying to get them to remove it from their site as they’re making money off me every minute the site it up. Please help & don’t buy from companies that steal from other artists in their own community. Here is the link to the original painting which I did last year: