They say anything’s possible you gotta dream like you never seen obstacles,” Alexis Seeney spits out as she sings along to J. Cole’s “The Autograph,” while blogging on her new site, Hypeforever. Barely old enough to get a job, the North Carolina resident wrote about what she loved: Sneakers, clothing and art.

Alexis timely posts of sneakers and keen eye for what’s next to pop in streetwear, made her site a fan favorite. She’s earned praise from the likes of A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, rap’s newest sensation Trinidad Jame$ and even Spike Lee (“I tweeted him a picture of my work and he hit me back [the next day]. It meant a lot to me.”)

What started out as a thing to do to past time, Hypeforever became a hit on the blogosphere. In a years time, the site went has gone from 200 to now 100,000 a month. Speaking to <em>XXL</em>’s The Good Life, Seeney touches on Hypeforever, her  artwork and the state of fashion. —Christian Mordi (@mordi_thecomeup)

XXL: Tell us a little bit about the name HypeForever and how you got that.

HypeForever: I actually started out as a blogger. I saw some people I knew that used to draw and I wanted to try it out for myself and started to brand my graphics with the name Hypeforever and here we are.

Describe your personality. Is it reflected in your work?

Well I think in my art my colorful side comes out more. For the most part though, I am a pretty laid back [kind] of girl.

Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and how it’s influenced your work.

Where I'm from doesn’t really influence my work, but it does influence my work ethic. I feel like a lot of kids where I’m from aren’t really doing much with themselves. Durham is a pretty small city and despite there being a big college here, outside of that people don’t hear much about the people here.

Who are some of your favorite artists from North Carolina?

I am a fan of King Mez, but I really love Rapsody and 9th Wonder's label Jamla. I caught both of their last albums and liked them a lot.

Tell us a little bit about your blog.

It’s and I blogged about sneakers pictures and clothes. It really picked up pretty heavy worldwide and got nice press.

Why did you decide to start out with a blog?

I felt like the blog would really help me to build my skills and reputation heading into college.

How did it do in regards to traffic?

It started out with me getting 200 a month. Within three months it was up to 2,000. Shortly after 10,000 a month. Soon enough I was getting over 100,000 hits a month before I stopped. I just wanted to move on from writing for a little bit.

I noticed you have had Soulja Boy and A$AP Rocky hit you as well. How did that come about?

Soulja Boy hit me a couple months ago around the end of my junior year. I posted on his website and he saw some of the work and gave me a shout out via twitter about my art. He wanted me to do a mixtape cover for him, which may happen soon.

In regards to Rocky, I created a piece of him and he caught it as well and decided to show it love on his Facebook. The piece got over 5,000 likes on his page so that was pretty cool.