Unless you've been living under a rock or are one of those individuals that still don't have access to the Internet, then you are probably familiar with the name Riccardo Tisci. The guy's been on fire since he took over at the house of Givenchy back in 2009. It seems like every rapper is either wearing Givenchy, rapping about Givenchy, or rapping about one day having enough money to own Givenchy. If you weren't lucky enough to cop one of the super limited edition tees that dropped over the last 18 months or so, here's your chance. Buy this shirt now and then go wait in line for the new Jordan pack that drops this Saturday. With any luck, maybe you'll still have enough money to go to the club, buy a few drinks, and dance on a couch like these guys.

Price: $605

Website: rsvpgallery.com