Cool Jay-Z Commercials


True to his bold statement on Kanye's “Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix),” Jay-Z is not a businessman, he’s a business, man. The God MC has historically made savvy entrepreneurial moves and inked key endorsement deals throughout the course of his career, but it never stops there. More often than not, Jay-related ventures and products warrant cool promotional spots. He released three new dope commercials in the past week or so—one to promote the new Duracell Powermat, the second to advertise Budweiser's forthcoming Made in America Festival, and the third for his Rocawear clothing line. In light of Hov's recent trifecta, XXL's The Good Life looks back at some of the Jigga Man's cool commercials. —Christian Bonoan (@chrisakachise)

Jay-Z and 50 Cent Reebok Commercial


Before Swizz Beatz became Reebok's creative director, the sneaker giant signed 50 Cent and Jay-Z to their own shoe deals. Fif and Hov take part in a cypher to promote their respective signature lines in this commercial. It was still unclear whether or not the two MCs still had tension from previous jabs at the time of the clip's release—making the promo spot that much more epic.

Heineken Commercial


Hov brings his trademark lyrical machismo to life in this funny clip. The promo begins with a young woman handing Jay a champagne flute, asking for a refill. The God MC then goes on the search for a Heneiken for himself. He returns empty-handed and gives his date a dumbfounded response when probed on the whereabouts of her drink. "What?" he snaps.

HP Commercial


Hov, Pharrell Williams and Mark Cuban were just a few of the celebrities tapped to advertise HP's compact business notebooks. The futuristic treatment for the ads were as cool as Hov himself.

Blueprint 3/Rhapsody


Jay recreates the covers of his previous albums in a single shot for this Rhapsody promo spot to advertise his last LP, The Blueprint 3.

Rocawear Commercial


With Reasonable Doubt's "Coming of Age" fittingly playing in the background, Jay narrates his rags to riches story from the Marcy Projects to the Brooklyn Nets's Barclays Center in this Rocawear ad.

Duracell Powermat Commercial


Jay-Z was recently named a spokesperson for Duracell Powermat, a product that allows people to charge their phones on the move. The commercial follows a busy New Yorker running the town with a fully charged phone thanks to Duracell's new product. It ends with the man mistakenly picking up Jay's iPhone as he receives a call from "B." Jay immediately motions for the phone to be handed over. Did we mention the ad also promotes Hov's 40/40 club? Genius.

Budweiser: Made In America Festival


This commercial, strategically premiered during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Here, Hov narrates his vision, explaining why he curated the Budweiser: Made In America Festival, to bridge the gap between music genres. The advertisement ends with Jay appearing in front of a large American flag.