The last reality clip that the Game starred in had the Compton rhyme slinger beating up rival rapper 40 Glocc. (Game shot the clip, which has gone viral, on his own iPhone and posted it online on his specially-made website, ).

Now, Game hopes to star on reality television of a different kind—one about him getting married.

According to TMZ, the rapper has joined forces with 51 Minds Entertainment (the brain trust behind Flavor of Love) to film a reality show all about marrying fiancée Tiffany Cambridge. The celebrity news website adds that Game and 51 Minds are in talks with both MTV and VH1 for distribution.

Sources close to production also told TMZ that Game’s reality show will portray a whole new side of the MC; one of a family man.

The most-recent image of the Game ingrained in minds of rap fans has got to be that of the Compton spitter beating up 40 Glocc in footage Game posted online.

“Ask @40GLOCC bout his new headphone line “Beats By Game,” Chuck Taylor tweeted last Sunday [July 8]. “Shit be thumpin huh ?!?!?!?!?”

Meanwhile, Glocc claimed to have been the victim of being jumped at gunpoint.

“I took it,” 40 told VladTV. Take a licking, keep on ticking. I had to turn the wheels on, you know what I mean? If you ain’t got a gun, you better run,” 40 explained. “My motto is: if you ain’t got a gun, and they got some, you better run. I had to do what I had to do, I had to get out the situation.”—Jakinder Singh