It's often that sports fans read headlines about some of their favorite athletes getting caught doing some nonsense that gets them in trouble with the authorities. One would think that once money starts flowing and the celebrity status reaches a certain level that the illegal activities would take a backseat as the athletes, who make anywhere from tk to tk a year, enjoy their fame and fortune, but, unfortunately, that isn't always the case.

Just this week alone, newly-signed Knicks player Jason Kidd was arrested for DUI after his SUV crashed into a telephone pole in Southampton; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt was arrested (again) for driving under the influence in Kentucky; and Terrell Owens went to court in Atlanta, Georgia, in hopes of convincing a judge not to throw him in jail for missing $20K in child support payments.

And these are just some of the latest examples of the buffoonery committed by pros. So, XXL's Good Life decided to put together a list of some of the dumbest crimes committed by sports players.—Christopher Minaya


Sam Hurd, who was a wideout for the Chicago Bears at the time, was arrested at a Chicago area steakhouse on federal drug charges at the end of last year. Hurd told an informant that he was interested in purchasing “five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week” to sell in Chicago. Did Hurd want to be like Jerry Rice or Pablo Escobar?


In 1999, one-time NL MVP Kevin Mitchell was apprehended after attacking his father over rent. Yes, a dispute about rent with his father, who ended up with a cut on his head.


NHL Player Ryan O’Byrne was arrested his rookie year, 2008. Why? O’Byrne stole a woman’s purse and cell phone at a South Tampa nightclub. His hands must’ve been itchin', itchin' for that purse.


Raheem Brock, an NFL free agent at the time, was arrested in 2011 for walking out on a $27 bill at Philadelphia’s Copacabana restaurant. He did not have a contract when the arrest happened, so he should get a pass, right? Nah.


In September 2002, current San Francisco 49ers wideout Randy Moss was taken into custody after running a downtown traffic control agent down with his Lexus. So unsophisticated.


NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson was arrested for armed robbery in 2007. Simpson was attempting to, as he put it, “retrieve” sports memorabilia and other items that had alleged had been stolen from him. Guess he is not “the best that ever did it and got away with it” after all.

Kenny Britt, Domonique Foxworth

One day after dealing with a previous arrest in court, Tennessee Titans wideout Kenny Britt was arrested yet again, the second time for resisting arrest. Not the type of consistency the Titans desired.


While on bail for having 213 pounds of marijuana in November of 2001, former NFL player Nate Newton was arrested in December after 175 pounds of marijuana was found in his truck. He was driving with some bud, at the same damn time!


Once an alert deputy noticed his smoking engine, Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera took a swig of scotch while in his car. To boot, before getting in the patrol car, Cabrera said, “Do you know who I am? You don’t know anything about my problems.” He may have 99 problems, and thinking critically is one.


Mike Vrabel was apprehended for theft at Belterra Casino Resort & Spa in Indiana, receiving a Class D felony charge. While at the deli, Vrabel grabbed some bottles of alcohol and did not pay. Where they do that at?


In April of 2011, Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike Leake was taken into custody on a shoplifting charge after he removed price tags from six American Rag T-shirts and tried to exit the Macy’s store. Leake did that two hours before batting practice, and that’s not all. The shirts’ total value was $59.88 even though he was making $425,000 that year. Now that's priceless.


Punters seldom make headlines, but Pat McAfee did when he was arrested for public intoxication after swimming in a city canal before dawn. He also openly confessed, “I am drunk” to police. Well done. Well, not really.

Eric Weddle, Louis Murphy

Last year, Oakland Raiders wide receiver Louis Murphy was collared and charged for the possession of Viagra without a prescription. The 2 Chainz record had not even dropped yet, so Murphy was not unintentionally influenced; this one is all on him.


Former Chicago Bears halfback Garrett Wolfe was not a fan of the $1,572 bill he has given at Miami’s Cameo nightclub, so he began disputing the bill. After being kicked out the club, Wolfe got into it with an off-duty police officer, and by looking at the photograph, it is safe to say he lost, badly.


The night before Super Bowl XXXIII, then safety Eugene Robinson was arrested on a charge of soliciting a prostitute in Miami, Fl. The prostitute turned out to be an undercover police officer, and surprisingly, his Atlanta Falcons teammates defended him in a way, stating other players did exact same thing but he was just the one that got caught. They loving the crew?


Who could forget Plaxico Burress? Four years ago, the one-time Super Bowl hero was charged with two felony counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree after he accidently shot himself with his .40 caliber glock—no pun intended. So the story goes, Burress was strapped to protect himself from the Street Family, Fabolous’s crew. Burress should have been more worried about his own grip.


Philadelphia Eagles halfback Dion Lewis was arrested earlier this month for pulling a fire alarm at a Hampton Inn in Albany, NY. Keys opens doors, Lewis.


After entering a Barry University dorm, Najeh Davenport, former NFL baller, was charged with a second-degree felony count of burglary and a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief for defecated in a closet. That shit cray.


Former NBA player Darius Miles was arrested August of last year at Lambert Airport for a loaded gun. Where was the firearm discovered? In the X-ray screening. Maybe he thought it was invisible.


In 2001, Jose Canseco and his brother assaulted two tourists outside a nightclub in Miami. Steroids are one hell of a drug.


A search warrant executed on April 25, 2007 as part of a drug investigation of Vick's cousin Davon Boddie led to the discovery of evidence of unlawful dog fighting at a property owned by Vick in rural Surry County in southeastern Virginia. Vick was sentenced to serve 23 months in federal prison. Mike Vick don't love the pups.