XXL Presents… Fonzworth Bentley’s Six Most Polished Rappers

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    <em>XXL</em> Presents... Fonzworth Bentley's Six Most Polished Rappers
    The grimier the better adage doesn't really fit into hip-hop anymore. With clothes increasingly becoming fitted in recent years, MCs have been favoring a more polished look. But, not everyone pulls it off. Fonzworth Bentley, however, has always been ahead of the curve. The Atlanta-bred rapper, author, television and, of course, perpetual sharp dresser, preached a polished approach well before your favorite MCs caught on. <em>XXL</em> Good Life recently picked Bentley's brain to see who he considered the game's most polished rappers in no particular order. One thing is for certain, they have him to thank. "A lot of them people are my children on that list," Bentley offers. "Actually, all of them are my children. The attention to detail as far as tailor clothing. We know..."—<em>XXL Good Life</em> (<a href="https://twitter.com/#!/XXLgoodlife">@XXLGoodLife</a>)
  • Nas
    The first person that comes to mind for me is Nas. I’ve always thought Nas was fly. I’ve always thought Nas was clean. It’s just something clean about him. I mean, you look at him even in this new Nicki video with the skullie in the back of his head being extremely Queensbridge, right? But, he looks polished. His haircut… he’s never seen without a bad haircut, ever. He’s always polished. There’s just something about that cat, that is to me, very polished. He’s definitely the first person that comes to mind.
  • Jay-Z
    Jay’s polished, even when Jay is in his cargos and his sneakers and they done caught him on the boulevard. He still looks clean. He's just looks polished. I mean, I caught him the day after his show he did for Comedy Central, the Upfront they had him do that private show. I went to that jump off and I went to see him the next day at his office. You know, he was black Tee, Yankee fitted on the top of his head like he does. And he was just polished. There’s just something very, very clean about him.
  • TD_lecrae_AskReply
    He’s always polished. He’s a fitted…He’s gon have his brand t-shirt on. He’s polished for a whole bunch of different reasons.
  • Rick Ross
    Rick Ross
    Because Rick Ross has so much more to polish, he gets extra points. All the that is always trimmed. Even when he throws on his little silk top, pants matchy numbers, it don’t look nasty. And I’ve known Ross for a very long time. He’s just always been very clean.
  • André 3000
    André 3000
    And Stacks, even though we haven’t seen much of him. Stacks came to the house with a raccoon tail hanging off his jeans. Three-inch cuff in his jeans. He and his vegan diet.
  • Kanye West
    Kanye West
    The funny thing about ‘Ye is he continues to befriend his hood audience if you will, so he’ll throw the Timbs on and all that stuff. But, I’m still not fooled. Negro, you be polished. And that’s my guy.
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