Summer Jam 2012 Recap: Nas, Lauryn Hill, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy Dominate

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Lil Wayne’s decision to yank Nicki Minaj from her scheduled performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2012 helped cast controversy over the annual mega concert.

However, even without Nicki’s presence, this year’s Summer Jam was able to deliver many memorable moments in front of a reported 60,000 fans (although it appeared as far less filled the stands) at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Sunday night (June 3).

Surprise performer Nas brought out none other than Lauryn Hill as his special guest and French Montana shocked the crowd by delivering Ma$e to the stage, while the likes of Waka Flocka, Young Jeezy and Big Sean each performed solid sets. Rick Ross and his MMG crew wound up closing out the show in place of Nicki, who was the scheduled headliner.

Weezy pulled Nicki from the lineup after Hot 97 personality Peter Rosenberg declared to the thousands in attendance that her single “Starships” is “bullshit” earlier in the evening. That left the station with the daunting task of carrying on the show, knowing its headliner wouldn’t be taking the stage.

It was a good thing that they had another New York City rapper in their back pocket. About three-quarters through the show, Hot 97 personality Angie Martinez took the stage and announced a surprise performance from a “New York legend.”

Just like that, Nas, flanked by his crew, including Irv Gotti and brother Jungle, stormed out onto the stage, performing his hit, “Made You Look.”

“Hot 97! It’s been years,” Nas exclaimed to the reported 60,000 fans—although it appeared that far less showed up— at Metlife Stadium. “Now we back like we never left.”

Nas ripped into a rendition of his smash, “Hate Me Now,” but little did the crowd realize what God’s Son had in store next.

Before he could start his verse to “The Don,” the instrumental to the Fugee’s “Ready Or Not” blared and none other than Lauryn Hill walked onto the stage. Wearing a white business jacket and long flowing pants, L Boogie went on to sing the hook to “Ready or Not,” before performing her own hit, “Lost Ones.” Nas closed out his set, which was relatively short, by performing “If I Ruled The World” with Hill by his side. Fans got the sense that Nas could have easily continued the set alone, but instead, graciously opted to make the moment about the enigmatic Hill, who is very selective about her performances these days.

And Lauryn Hill wasn’t the only familiar face to return to the Summer Jam stage. French Montana was able to shock the crowd by delivering Ma$e to the mega concert. During a performance of Wale’s “Slight Work” remix, Wale, French and Big Sean hit the stage, before French announced Ma$e. The former Bad Boy rapper, decked out in Giants gear, performed his verse to the remix.

As “Shot Caller” closed Montana’s set, “I’ma Boss” blared, bringing Meek Mill and Rick Ross to the stage to the crowd’s delight. Sporting a navy blue track suit, Ross ran through his bag of tricks, delivering a slew of joints, including “So Sophisticated,” “Yella Diamonds,” “Rich Forever” (sans John Legend), “B.M.F,” “9 Piece” and “Hustlin.’” As Meek also shared the stage, he continued on with Dreamchasers 2‘s  ”Amen” and the fan-favorite “Burn,” for which Big Sean returned to the stage.

Before closing, the gang would perform “Stay Schemin,’’” as the packed 60,000 seated stadium sang the record word for word. Rozay wasn’t done yet. As a grand finale and salute to New York City, the Bawse brought out his special guests, Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man and Raekwon, to perform “C.R.E.A.M.”


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    Im sure it was a big dissappointment other than Slaughterhouse Nas and Jeezy. The rest took notes on how to rap and stay revelant in the game for years to come.

  • Sheba

    Im not sure what show you seen but from what I seen it was the worst…. Garbage

  • Double Excel

    Ma$e! Harlem what up, CHEER$

  • js

    you my boy blu

  • tamprado

    tssss oomg!
    is this a physical spread in the mag?