Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezy IIs will sell for $245 when they drop on Saturday, June 9, but for now, they are going for a steep $80,000 on the 'net, reports TMZ.

As early as last week Friday (June 1), people have been camping outside sneaker stores across the country in hopes of copping themselves a pair of the stylish kicks, which Yeezy himself has been rocking for several months now. But some are bypassing that process and going straight to bidding on online auctions, with one pair already reaching $89,100 on Ebay.

This isn't the first time sneaker fiends are going to the extreme for sneakers. When Nike released a remake of the famous Marty McFly shoes from "Back to the Future" in September, which sold for $37,5000 at a charity auction in L.A., and then again in December when Nike dropped a new edition of the classic Air Jordans, the reaction was pretty similar. Good Life just hopes it doesn't get physical during some of these shopping fiascos like it has in the past.—Gina Montana