On Kanye West's “Mercy” track, 2 Chainz brags about his Lamborghini Murciélago (aka Mercy), the flagship car of the Lamborghini brand and one of the most expensive two-door sports cars in production. Now, Dos will have another Lambo to swoon over as Lamborghini is now looking to expand beyond sports cars and into SUV’s with their newest concept car, the Urus.

Expected to be one of the most powerful SUVs on the market (V-10 584HP engine), the Urus has caused both controversy and excitement since being announced last month. Enthusiasts of the exotic car manufacturer have been critical of Lamborghini’s decision to extend into the mainstream market, saying it cheapens the value of the brand. Competitor Ferrari has made the conscious decision to avoid the SUV market for that exact reason.

“The uniqueness of [the Ferrari] brand cannot be minimized and so we are very, very careful,” said Sergio Marchionne CEO of Fiat (which owns Ferrari) after the company scrapped plans for their own SUV next year. Purists may criticize the decision to crossover, but Lamborghini’s strategy represents a greater trend that is arising in the exotic car industry.

Competitors Maserati and Aston Martin will join Lamborghini soon with plans for exotic SUV’s on the horizon. They are all following Porsche, which was met with similar controversy after the debut of their Cayenne in 2002.

The Cayenne has gone on to become a hit for Porsche since it’s debut and has set the blueprint for competitors looking to mimic their crossover into the SUV lane. Don’t be surprised if you hear 2 Chainz and others shouting out their roomy new Lambo SUV on future tracks. —Calvin Stovall