The Crooks & Castles crew gathered at The Beverly hotel in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday (May 9th) to kick off the release of their new summer 2012 collection. The event was hosted by Bad Boy artist French Montana while DJs Alchemist and Franzen handled the ones and twos.

For a decade now, Crooks & Castles has been one of the most consistent street wear brands in the fashion industry. When referring to the new collection, Emil Soriano, head designer at Crooks, said, “I think our look resonates throughout whether you have a city lifestyle or a beach lifestyle and the summertime in general it’s hot...I know that on the east coast it’s humid more so than the dry heat we get here...So we’re going to offer an assortment of items because we need to cater to those different markets.

"When we think about summer...we think about poolside, being at the beach," he continued. "A lot of people travel during the summer and vacation...Tank tops and shorts at the end of the day—that’s kinda the key thing about our summer offering especially coming from the west coast."

The event reflected just that: a summer kick off as liquor flowed and music blarred from the speakers. “We got a lot going on with this Summer collection...Bucket array of hats...We probably have the biggest Summer line in Streetwear”, added Head marketer Chris Natalio.

As for the partnership with French Montana for the event, Natalio said it was a reminder that no matter what season the line is taking cues from, it is and will always remain street.

"We hooked up with upcoming artist French Montana, Bad Boy Artist...just to solidify our position...that we’re still there in the streets," he explained. "He touches a lot of people through hip-hop and music but it doesn’t effect our other genres."

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