Creative Director and beauty expert to the stars Q Hardy has been in the styling business over 12 years, working with the likes of Ice T, Stephon Marbury, Zoey Kravitz, Isaiah Thomas, Chanel Iman, Dru Hill and Kimora Lee Simmons, to list a few. Not only is he an expert in hair, he also sports a head full of long, beautiful dreads.

So , XXL tapped the fashionista to discuss some of our favorite dreaded rappers. Here's what Q had to say. Crosshairs!—Chanel Clark


< > at the Key Club on March 21, 2010 in Newark, New Jersey.

Lil Wayne


Oh Weezy, Lil Tunechi! I love Wayne. Wayne is so unbothered with his hair, which makes him so much [cooler]. The fact that Wayne explores the length of his locks... He has evolved so much that I think his hair kinda compliments his fashion. I can’t see Wayne with short hair, I can’t see Wayne with colored locks. I can’t see Wayne with his hair not being groomed. Wayne is a dominant force in fashion and his hair plays a large part in that.

Waka Flocka Flame


Flame… I love Waka. His hair is impeccable. For Waka’s character and artistry, I think his hair is well manicured. It’s not too done, it’s not too structured, and it looks great. I would love for Waka to cut his hair, [though]. I think if Waka cut his hair he would actually have an opportunity to model — if he cut his hair and toned up his body a little bit, he may be pretty good as far modeling. I saw his ad for PETA, I believe it was [with] an animal where he posed nude. That was iconic, it was heroic, and it was admirable. I love Waka and everything he delivers; I think he should cut his hair, though.



His hair is too manicured — it looks too done. It’s nothing wrong with having well-groomed hair but every time you see Wale he is extremely manicured. His hair is done so tight, I think it might snap. He should be a little more relaxed and unbothered with his hair. His locks are beautiful, but they don’t need to be as manicure, it’s too feminine for me. Still, he gives a shattered bob growing out. It’s a little past shoulder-length. He looks great. He does multiple styles but it shouldn’t be as styled. That’s just my personal opinion.

Damian Marley


I love the Marleys [Hey Damian!]. I worked with Cedella for quite some time. I love and respect Cedella, Rohan, Damian— all of them. I think they’re great. As far as Damian Marley and what he represents; true Rastafarian! I would think Damian manages his own locks. I like them in the natural essence in which they are. Clearly, you can tell he feels most comfortable with his hair in that stage. So I celebrate his comfort ability.

Chief Keef