A$AP Rocky is done biggin' up clothing brands through lyrics.

The Harlem MC, who shouts out some of his favorite designers in his hit single "Peso," recently told MTV's Hip Hop POV that he's not name-dropping brands on his tracks anymore. "I'm putting too much people on the game when I do that," he told host Amanda Seales.

The silent-treatment-move is ironic being that Rocky has a song about Cristal Champagne on his upcoming debut, Long.Live.A$AP, due in July. But A$AP said the song is not giving props to the company, instead it mocks the brand for denouncing rappers' one-time affinity for the drink following an interview The Economist did with Cristal's managing director Frédéric Rouzaud back in 2006, during which he made racist comments about hip-hop's embrace of the champagne.

"It's called 'Crissy,' and it's basically mockery towards it," he explained. "It's to get 'em upset. We don't even f---in' care about champagne. We drink 40s. That's all it is. It's in reference to that." —Gina Montana