DJ Bijal Uses Rap Lyrics to Describe First Hip-Hop Hotel


Hip-hop handles a lot of its business in hotels: touring rappers rest their heads, groupies show their love and epic parties are thrown in suites and penthouses in tellies across the world.

But despite the culture’s deep connection with lodges, the world will not see its first hip-hop hotel until this May when BPM Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, opens to the public.

Located at 33rd Street in Sunset Park, the 76-room hotel is the vision of hip-hop DJ Bijal. From the full Bose sound systems that amplify every public space on the property to guests’ ability to make song requests while they make online reservations to the sound-proof quarters, BPM (which stands for the pace count of a song, Beats Per Minute) is an audiophile’s paradise.

With some of our favorite hotel-themed lyrics in mind, XXL used rap verses to get some answers from DJ Bijal about what hip-hop heads can expect from their stay there. Fiesta!—Calvin Stovall (@CalvinStovall)

“Suicidal, she’s been in more hotels than bibles.” – RZA, “Maria”


DJ Bijal: Instead of the bibles and the normal type of reading material that you’d have in your room, we’re replacing that with more entertainment related magazines. So you have things like XXL, and you have other types of music magazines and anything that’s entertainment related. So you’ve got XXL all the way to something like a Billboard or a Rolling Stone.

“After the show it’s the after party then, after the party it’s the hotel lobby…” – Jay-Z, “Fiesta (Remix)”


We have a lounge area that’s below our lobby. So, that’s kind of funny. Our hotel lobby is kind of our main highlight points of the whole property. When you enter in, right in our lobby we have a full-on Bose sound system. So you right there, the after party could start in the lobby right there.

“I got a double bed, one’s to sleep on, other one’s to get my freak on…” – Cassidy, “Hotel”


If we had two beds available, then yeah we could definitely offer a guest two beds.

"I’ve been murdering, lighting my swisha’s up as they roll in my room servicing.” – Nipsey Hussle, “Hotel Room Music”


(Smoking) is against the rules. We’re actually making the entire property non-smoking. Let’s say you have (someone) that smokes in a room that’s non-smoking and that smoke smell is very hard to get rid of. This way you just kind of prevent just overall damage and wear and tear and it makes our overall hotel last a lot longer and be a lot fresher and newer. We want to be “So Fresh and So Clean” as long as possible.

“No room service, just snacks and shit.” – Jay-Z, “Hey Papi”


All of our rooms come with mini bars that are gonna be stocked with local items and things that kind of represent our brand. So we’ll have a lot of things like various Brooklyn lager beers and more craft beers more than the commercial brands. Our goal is to be more local and fit this lifestyle. For room service, we don’t technically have any restaurants on site, so we’re going to be doing room service through the local area restaurants. We set up an arrangement with Slice of Brooklyn, they would be our pizza guys.

“Hotel bedroom, missin curtains, sheets everywhere like a storm has passed/In fact, it looks like I got into a wrestling match, empty bottle of Jack.” – Yelawolf, “Everything I Love the Most”


As long as there’s no damages, (it’s OK.) You expect some guests will be very (clean) where you’re not even sure if they actually really use the room, and another guest may look like they’ve been living there for months and it’s only been two nights.

“I’m dirtier than the sheets in the Marriott.” – Tyler, the Creator, “Seven”


We have wood floors in our rooms, which makes it a lot easier for housekeeping to clean. So the rooms have been designed so it’s very east to maintain rather than having to walk into a room and you’re not sure what’s on the carpet. So we kept a lot of maintenance items in mind when we designed the rooms to make sure a rooms as clean as possible and it wont take forever for us to clean.

“One time, let it be a bad bitch sweeping.” – Kanye West, “So Appalled”


(Laughs) I don’t think that’s something I can really comment on. We can’t really hire supermodels as our maids. Kanye would have to just come and take a look for himself and let me know what he thinks.