Lil Wayne Showcases Trukfit Clothing Line in NYC

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After showcasing his clothing line at Zumiez 100K event at Keystone, Colorado, earlier in the week, Lil Wayne hit New York City Thursday (January 12) to reveal his Trukfit Skater Apparel line to media insiders at downtown’s El Privado in Hotel Americano.

Accompanied by Young Money’s Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, Corey Gunz, Lil Twist and manager Cortez Bryant, Wayne, sporting a pink hat and his braids gathered in a pony tail, arrived at the venue after the 9 o’clock hour to take photos with models that stood around the two-room venue rocking Trukfit T-shirts and silver body paint.

The open-bar event was also attended by the likes of Sheree Whitfield from Real Housewives of Atlanta and Respect the Jux author Frank Matthews, among others. Check out a video of the event below:

While on stage at Zumiez on Tuesday (January 10), Wayne explained the name “Trukfit” (an acronym for “The Reason You Kill For It”), telling fans that as a kid he’d grab new gear from the back of a clothing booster truck. “When a person could spot a fake, they’d be like, ‘you got on the truck fit,’” he said, “So now it’s cool to have on the Truckfit, ya dig!”

Trukfit will be sold at Zumiez stores nationwide as well as and —Mariel Concepcion @mceezy

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  • MegaMan


  • Biggdoggxl

    Cause there is only so much you can do that’s urban! Wayne is no idiot, he’s actually a fing genius! I mean you know as well as I that x-games/skating is popular with the kids! And his music is branched out with the white community so you got to go were the money is at! Why do you think they sign acts like Kevin rudolph, jay Sean,and that kid from american idol??? White means more money!! They not stupid just doing what everyone should be doing and stop waiting for that next African American star to pop on your label!!! It’s called expanding your empire! Weezy holla at me homie!

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    “Hood” folk don’t have money, don’t spend money and will never have money, there is no logical or economical reason to do anything for the hood.

  • slimmwood


  • bullets

    This niga lil wayne is delusional um is it me or does this look exactly like BBC and ICECREAM and this dude started skating yesterday wtf??… people are sheep i swear

  • lulz

    lol it does look like BBC and ICECREAM! but don’t say that because lil wayne d*ck riders will get offended and call us haters

  • http://Yahoo! jaytherealtalker

    Get The Fuck Outta Here Hating Bro , Dont Think Wayne Forgot About The Hood , Hello he’s A Celebrity He Has Too Stay On Top Of His Fashion Game Wtf Would He Look Like If Started A Clothing Linee With Some Old Ragedy Shitt Just For The Hood , Come On Now Be Real This Like A Delusional Human Being And Stop Thinking Like A Small Criticiser , Spell Check

  • Kopzy baby

    Lil wayne is de best nigga de could ever be…and he is crazy about fasion and dat means crazy money….from kopzy to haters

  • Kopzy baby

    Lil wayne is de best nigga de could ever be…and he is crazy about fashion and dat m means crazy money….from kopzy to haters

  • Shoshun-Taijeé

    The sad thing is… I found this clothing line today and liked it until I realized it had anything to do with Lil’ Wayne. =|

  • nathi-nice

    thubs up