As the nightmares before Christmas slowly come to an end, and the Muppets release their movie for the holidays, FLüD, New York’s favorite watch and accessories company, has teamed up with Disney to release their latest product line.

FLüD’s Disney-inspired collection stirs from The Muppets, A Nightmare Before Christmas and Mickey Mouse. Upon the collection’s release, Doug Cohen, FLüD’s found and CEO, explains the thought and process behind each accessories development. “We knew instantly that we wanted to work with the Muppets for their Holiday movie, and for the chance to work with the great, late Jim Henson's characters. The Exchange and Re-exchange models stay true to the FLüD aesthetics of "simply more" by having a Warhol-esque take on Animal, Ms. Piggy and Kermit.” He continues, “We had to take a stab at Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. You get to see Mr. Burton's amazing artwork on FLüD the Alchemist, Big Ben, Moment, Exchange and Re-Exchange. All with various interchangeable straps.” Finally explaining the use of Mickey Mouse, Cohen states, ““The last challenge is definitely the dearest to our hearts: Classic Mickey Mouse. Working with MM allowed us to revisit our childhoods and also give Mickey's look a bit of a 2011 twist. The Mickey Hands-as-Watch-Hands style is evident on the Exchange and Re-Exchange models.”

With 13 days left until Christmas day, there is still plenty of time to cop pieces from the up-North watch and accessories line. For more information or to purchase, please visit

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