XXL‘s Powerbag Giveaway

XXL is teaming up with Powerbag to give away the latest in mobile technology.

With today’s population constantly on the move, the Powerbag has created a way for people to stay on the move and #staycharged. Cellphones, iPads and iPods: they’re always going dead, with no way to be recharged. And let’s face it, in today’s economy nobody can afford to be with power.

To make sure you stay connected and charged up, XXL has partnered with Powerbag – a battery-powered bag capable of charging Blackberrys, iPhones and iPads. It even comes with an AC adapter and usb port – to give three readers the chance to get power on the go.

To enter to win, leave comments below telling your worst cellphone horror story or go to XXL or Powerbag‘s Facebook pages to tell your story. Everyone who leaves a comment about their cellphone nightmare and shares this image on Facebook is entered to win a Powerbag courtesy of XXL. For more information on the Powerbag, please visit mypowerbag.com.

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  • http://yahoo Assante Henderson

    I was driving around my hometown of Boston on the phone and I hopped out the car to get something to eat when my phone fell on the ground. When I reached down to pick it up I kicked it in the sewer by accident. While my phone was floating in sewage water I had got a call about a job that I really needed for college and missed out.

  • Earl Cosby

    I was forced to attend a church trip to the beach last summer that was organized for the children. Problem is im 17 and the only kids near my age are 8 so i was forced to attend with the little kids. One of the kids asked to borrow my phone to play angry birds on my droid so i allowed him to thinking it was the nice thing to do. Later I took a nap on the sand as i was tired from being at the beach all day and the same child who i let borrow my phone woke me up to ask why my phone doesn’t float. I work up furiously to find out what he meant when he showed me the phone soaking wet in his pocket. He said that he wanted to see if my phone could float and it didnt so i lost my droid for a few weeks smh.

  • steve h.

    Last December I purchased a new Iphone 4. Wow! I was so amped over having the new phone that I took it to bathroom time with me. Let’s just say my new iphone 4 ended up in the toilet. I actually cried like a baby that day.

  • Static

    I’m so broke, i can’t even afford a pay as you go phone.

  • perry peters

    I got a call one day from a girl saying she was pregnant and later tht day she told time she was just kidding i didnt know people played april fools jokes still

  • Mandark

    I was at a YMCA with my brand new iPhone I bought last week chillin in my pocket. Since i was about to hit the courts and bust some ankles, I figured it would be best to find somewhere to place it so as to not watch my investment smash itself into a million pieces on the gym floor. I took a few looks as to who was around me (god damn shady ass kids these days), but there was just a few tykes on the little hoop across the gym. So I stashed it under my sweatshirt in a corner.
    Fast forward, I had just got done knocking out 5 3 pointers for my team to a game to 21, and i get some sort of spider sense tingle in my head. I figure a female must have texted me or something. But when i lifted up my sweatshirt, it was gone!
    Now here’s where you might call B.S., but i swear on my father’s grave i turned around and saw a 6 year old fat ass augustus gloop blonde child running out the door with an iPhone in his hand. I knew damn well this kid did not have an iPhone at his age. We locked eyes, and he knew EXACTLY what he did and he started running (waddling) away.
    So i’m chasing after this kid, speedwalking, trying not to make a scene even though i wanted to put my belt on this boy, and i end up in the Little Boy’s Locker Room. I waved hi to Jerry Sandusky and i WOULD have caught that lil chunkster but he ran into a stall. i said “I SAW YOU STEAL MY PHONE, GIVE IT BACK OR I’LL TELL YOUR PARENTS!”
    He had the nerve to yell back and say “I DON’T HAVE PARENTS!” Well he didn’t walk to the damn gym, it’s freezing outside. So I kick in the door on this punk, and he’s got his drawers pulled all the way down, peeing like how the little kids do. I turned away to find myself staring at a 6 foot 5 inch mountain of muscle. He took a step towards me, yelling “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY SON?”
    I woke up in a hospital bed with a broken nose, three missing teeth, a broken rib, and my iPhone. Top that.