XXL is teaming up with Powerbag to give away the latest in mobile technology.

With today's population constantly on the move, the Powerbag has created a way for people to stay on the move and #staycharged. Cellphones, iPads and iPods: they're always going dead, with no way to be recharged. And let's face it, in today's economy nobody can afford to be with power.

To make sure you stay connected and charged up, XXL has partnered with Powerbag - a battery-powered bag capable of charging Blackberrys, iPhones and iPads. It even comes with an AC adapter and usb port - to give three readers the chance to get power on the go.

To enter to win, leave comments below telling your worst cellphone horror story or go to XXL or Powerbag's Facebook pages to tell your story. Everyone who leaves a comment about their cellphone nightmare and shares this image on Facebook is entered to win a Powerbag courtesy of XXL. For more information on the Powerbag, please visit mypowerbag.com.