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Pg. 14: If this business is going to be your career, whether you plan to be in the spotlight or behind the scenes, it's important to learn the industry, learn who's who and do business with those who are worthy of your talents, those who pay properly, and those who are good at what they do. A little bit of research can save a lot of heartache.

Pg. 15: You don't get what's fair in this industry, you get what you negotiate.

Pg. 34: One thing is for certain, to navigate through the murky waters of the music industry, one needs a strong team.....and guidance from trustworthy experienced people. Seek out the best folks you can to guide your career...You only get one shot!! Talent alone is not enough to succeed. In fact, talent seems to be the least important skill to have as an artist these days...maybe that's what's wrong with the music business...

Pg. 43: Greed has taken over the industry and artists' mindsets (most, not all), and drives the current urban music industry. The barrier for entry has been lowered and allows anyone with access and a business card a way in to make his or her share of the pie-usually without delivering what was promised. This industry is very shady and the majority of people cannot, or do not, deliver what they promise.

Pg. 47: While most artists are still begging the major labels for record deals, the smarter artists have realized that working their own project to build a buzz and sell their own music is the ticket to success. The best start is to make good music that has a competitive sound.

Pg. 47-48: When you've got good music, it's best to get feedback from DJs, fans who don't know you ,and retail stores to see what they feel are the best songs (let the DJs choose your singles). Then focus on the single to build awareness

Pg. 49: In this industry, there are so many bogus people........It's really important to check the credentials and track record of anyone you give your hard earned money to. 99% of the people in the music industry are full of crap just trying to make a come up off of any uninformed person with money.

Pg. 50: I have learned to NEVER believe anything a label tells me verbally. If it's not in the contract, they aren't obligated to do it.

Pg. 51: Every time a label treated me like i was stupid or acted like asses, I taxed them $25,000 to $50,000 (for each offense). So in the course of a negotiation if a label pissed me off 5 time, at the end of the negotiation, i would up the amount of the advance by $125,000 to $250,000 at the last minitue........when i negotiated the Cash Money deal....i doubled the advance requested from $1 million to $2 million in “asshole tax”.



“It's about time you wrote this book, Ma! You are the realest person I know in this game. Wish this book was around when I first started in the music business...woulda saved me a lot!!” –Young Buck

“Wendy Day has been the artists' advocate and friend in contract and corporate matters. She has, through panels and editorials, given the industry tutorials that dramatically expanded my business mind and model. She is one of the only people I trust!! Everyone who takes their business seriously will talk with WENDY DAY!” -Killer Mike

“Not only is Wendy Day a wonderful woman, she is everything anybody could need or want for getting into this business. I've known her for years and consider her a close friend. Also, when she believes in something or someone, it really counts in this GAME!” -BloodRaw

“Wendy Day has the experience, the knowledge, and the know-how to effectively execute the vision of your project. Her track record speaks for itself...” -Roccett

“Having the honor of you actually caring to watch and input on my career is extraordinary, thanks Wendy!!” -Machine Gun Kelly (via Twitter)

“Wendy Day, as quiet as it's kept, is one of the most important figures in Hip Hop from an artist's perspective, especially for me being an independent artist; she's a champion! And she's not just a flash in the pan--I'm talking, for years. The effect she's had on peoples careers over the years is phenomenal!” -Talib Kweli (on

“Wendy Day is the only choice for me and my company to start our label! There is no other.” -Freeway Ricky Ross

"Wendy Day stood the hip-hop business on its head. Her legendary dealmaking transformed an industry in which artists were slaves into one in which they would become the masters. In doing so, she not only empowered her clients, she righted a historical wrong and brought a good measure of justice to an industry that had been unjust to Black artists from its inception. If Wendy Day is giving advice, heed it. You'll be wiser and wealthier for it." --Dan Charnas, Author "The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop"

“Wendy’s track record speaks for itself. She knows all the ins and outs of the music business, has lengthy experience, and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Her knowledge and assistance is invaluable for any indie label stepping up to the big leagues.” –Julia Beverly, Ozone Magazine

“You are a very important person in HIPHOP whether you realize it or not, and you have helped create some of the biggest indie labels.” –Big Meech, Black Mafia Family


Wendy Day is by no means a novice.

The music executive, who has been in the game for 20 years now, is responsible for brokering and consulting on deals for the likes of Eminem, Cash Money Records, Master P and most recently, Machine Gun Kelly, among a long list of others.

Now, Day is sharing her knowledge with those that want to follow in her footsteps or simply know more about the music industry overall through a series of books collectively titled The Knowledge to Succeed that will educate industry hopefuls. The first installment, How to Get a Record Deal, is already available on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes&, Sony's ebook store and for $6.99.

“By far, the number one question I am asked as I speak at music conferences around the country is ‘how do I get signed to a record label?’" Day says via a press release. "Artists still hold getting a record deal as their goal,” shares Wendy Day on a rare stop between lectures. “Even after explaining how to do it on my Blogs, and even sharing specifics of deals I’ve shopped and negotiated, I’m still asked ‘how do I get a deal’ almost daily.”

Here, XXL has exclusive quotes from How to Get a Record Deal as well as rapper testimonials. Teach on, Day.—XXL Staff