Killer Mike’s Favorite Strip Clubs

It’s the weekend—the perfect time to kick back, relax, and support your local stripper. Killer Mike considers himself a connoisseur when it comes to strip clubs and considering the MC is an Atlanta native, it makes sense. XXL caught up with the spitter who’s working on his new collaborative album with underground rapper El-P titled R.A.P. Music and has his forthcoming solo LP, PL3DGE, set to hit stores on May 17, to find out Bigga’s favorite places to make it rain the A. Get your dollar bills ready.

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  • Da Critic

    Who gives a fuck?

    • DJ Pincushion


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  • Nunya

    For real…can you please strongly reconsider what it is that makes front page headlines…I’m trying to hang in there with yo guys while you fig it out; but it’s only by a thread at this point.

    This is about as ignorant and degenerate as you can get. What’s even funnier, it’s Killer Mike. Not taking from his talent; but like anyone at all is gonna be like ‘oh shit ok now I should go because Killer Mike digs it.’

    How bout some new or undiscovered music from him? Any of that???

  • dutchmaster

    whatever these 2 are talking about…i love women…so does killer mike, wow we have something in common = good read

    lol @ the foxxxy lady, that spot is mad hood

    no onyx tho?

  • jsaon

    fuck this what was his name a white man runs xxl im sure of it stop putting stupid articles

  • RoofTop

    Hellllllllllll NO, The Cheetah