For those unfamiliar, vitaminTHICK is a streetwear brand that was created just a few years back by a couple students in Pittsburgh. The philosophy is idealistic and simple: "'Back in the day' was a glowing and carefree time when anything and everything was possible," they admit on their site. "Without all the posturing and bad noise, childhood was a time when we had our whole lives in front of us. The vT brand is a blending of this nostalgic mindset with a culturally informed social commentary."

Here, we have something from the Fall/Winter collection. The tee is a Venn Diagram of three of hip-hop's greatest, who also happen to be three of the culture's most beloved fallen soldiers. As described by the guys at vT:

"We all remember our elementary school Language Arts classes; the nightly drudgery of writing exercises, spelling homework, and the biweekly stress of Friday reading quizzes. With hours of homework piled on end, survivors quickly learned the importance of in-class note-taking—by way of befriending a cute girl willing to take your notes. Around the same time pretty Betty’s everywhere were transcribing chalkboard Venn Diagrams in their composition notebooks, cool kids were downloading hits for the first time from these three hip-hop icons [Napster! whoa, throwback!]. This piece speaks to our fondness for that moment in time. Our teachers’ favorite Venn Diagram, and our favorite 90’s hip-hop O.G’s: BIG, Pac and Pun. Well, and the squirrel, of course. 'Born to change the game.'"

These are individually numbered, from 1-100, and will run you $40. Cop one here. Shouts to Elliott.

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