Naughty By Nature put a lot into their new music video.

The New Jersey trio put out a "mini movie," for their new Bilal and Jaheim-assisted track "Flags," today (January 11), which warns about the potential negative consequences gang involvement can have.

"Our goal with the video was to send a 'Peace in the Streets' message to our brothers, sisters and the community at large," NBN member Vin Rock said in a statement. "The video really exposes the choices one has to make in the face of adversity. Life or death, the choice is yours."

"Gangs aren't a long term lifestyle, instead it's a quick path to death or incarceration," Treach added. "A lot of music glorifies the gangsta life, but very few tell the whole story of the pain behind the street glory."

Find the clip below, which also features Ice-T, as a young man is encouraged to leave the streets alone, instead asked to become a peacemaker. An alternate version, the "Death Cut," will be released reflecting the different results of certain choices. —Adam Fleischer