Although How High 2 probably won't be hitting theaters any time soon, Method Man will be making his return to the silver screen in a different weed-happy flick later this year.

According to the Playlist, the Wu-Tang spitter will be playing in The Sitter, due out this spring or summer, alongside Jonah Hill. The movie is said to follow Hill's college dropout character as he makes moves across town to cop some drugs (presumably that sticky green stuff) for his girlfriend. To keep things interesting, he makes the trek mid-babysitting gig, it seems.

The film, which wrapped up shooting in December, was directed by David Gordon Green, who is also the man behind Pineapple Express and the HBO series Eastbound & Down.

Method Man is no stranger to stepping in front of the camera, having appeared in Belly, Soul Plane, Garden State, The Wire and more. —Adam Fleischer